If I can fix it you can too!

Most of us today have expensive things in our possession, items like smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, etc. And for most of us we have had to deal with one or more of these kind of items breaking down on us or damaged. I have had the tragedy of having the screen on my phone smashed and realizing that I don’t have the insurance. But instead of panicking about shelling our 700 bucks for new a phone or going on ebay to buy an outdated useless 3G phone, I instead took matters into my own hands and repaired the phone myself. After doing that I can say first hand that its not at all that difficult. Now for most people do not think its worth the time and effort to do self repairs like that, even financially. You could have easily picked up the insurance in the first place or go through other options like ebay or taking it to a repair shop to get it fixed. But I have to tell you that its worth doing it yourself. You do not have to be an IT whiz to fix things like a phone or a computer. That can be said for other things like your car or sink. There is great satisfaction for doing things yourself and it can actually save you money in the most part. Repairing things will make you feel like you can do almost anything even while saving a few bucks. Repairing things like a broken screen is not a whole day wasted either. Its more like an hour of completed work at the most...

Why repair of electronics is the creative challenge?

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Creativity can be useful to find alternative and better way of performing, discarding the idea that the better solution is always and necessarily the one providing continuity with the past. If creativity is not used properly, there may be the risk of focusing on the real explanations motivating the selection of a present procedure, without moving forward to find alternative solutions. Another risk could be to attack with criticism the whole present system without providing alternative solutions. Becoming creative is one of the most important processes of lateral thinking: it is not an attack, a criticism or a way to demonstrate that the status quo is inadequate, but it is a challenge to “uniqueness”, an explorative research of other possible solutions. We as IT Support must be creative with our services in IT, but as technology changes, we must as well. New versions of a particular item are from creativity, new waterproof phones, auto texts, fingerprint logins this is all creativity. Making repairs simpler or efficient should also be expected. Challenge may concern the factors influencing the way of thinking: dominant concepts, assumptions, constraints, essential factors, factors to be avoided, and dichotomous polarizations. I know that when I need something repaired, I want it fixed immediately, no cost, I wish I could do it myself and wish some pieces were not so patented so I could substitute. All this is my logic of creativity forming another way to perform a normal task. Often we do a thing to satisfy someone (clients, customers, retailers, dealers, chiefs, etc.) or to conform to an imposition (i.e. maybe procedural modifications are not compatible...

Benefit of electronic repair vs recycle

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Unregulated recycling of electronic waste has led to environmental degradation and human rights violations, most often in developing countries such as Africa where exporting and labor laws are easy. While the global market for new high-technology electronic products continues to grow, so does the amount of discarded products. The increasing availability of new electronics, along with the higher number of products built with shorter life spans, has resulted in the current explosion of electronic waste. The majority of waste currently ends up in domestic landfills or incinerators, and efforts to divert electronic waste from landfilling, via recycling. The effort to control electronic waste, repair and reuse outweigh the benefit of recycling or buy a newer product. First, you will be saving money. More times than not the newest electronics come with a heavy little price tag associated with them, there isn’t usually much change in different versions of the same electronic normally. You are paying a lot more, for some minor change or enhancement. By trying to fix your original electronic yourself, you will be spending less money overall and get a better deal out of your original. Furthermore, the coast of recycling is more than repair the electronic devices, the methods remain viable if the recycled products that are sold on the market generate enough revenue to outweigh the costs of the recycling process. Again, recycling practices magnify health risks, according to report by United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) 2009, “primary and secondary exposure to toxic metals, such as lead, results mainly from open-air burning used to retrieve valuable components such as gold. Combustion from burning e-waste creates fine...

The Benefits of Repair for consumers of product

Repair is essential to properly utilizing all resources. When companies start creating products that are difficult to repair it creates a stranglehold on the consumer. Every product that is intended to be repairable should be easily modified and streamlined. It’s frustrating when corporations start voiding warranties when products are altered. For example, if you break the seal of an Xbox 360, the warranty is void and can no longer be sent in for reparations. This is incredibly unfair considering the product belongs to you and you should have all rights to openly changing the components. These type of tactics prevent innovation and creation overall. There are also cases where corporations prevent repairs altogether. These mob like tactics are unethical and incredibly vain. Companies such as Nikon and Toshiba use copyright infringement in court to prevent their consumers from personally modifying and repairing their products. This basically forces consumers to go directly through their repair centers, or to buy a completely new product. It’s evident that companies need to keep in the green but when it comes to completely manipulating a market and inhibiting the freedom of consumers, it becomes problematic. Now the question is raised, why? It seems that some of the larger corporations prefer to have all facets of their products on lock down. This varies from production, distribution, maintenance and repair. If any of these things are outsourced where it can’t be controlled, it raises a lot of issues internally. The best way these companies avoid these things is to make sure anything and everything regarding their product will be done by them. I personally find this to...

Why things should be designed so they can be repaired?

Designed to be repairable Every product should be designed to be repairable, every product has a price that comes with it. So when purchasing a product whether it’s on sale or full price one day the product malfunctions. You can’t take the product to get repaired due to the manufacturers not allowing you and or any independent repair companies to fix their product. What’s next? You will have to purchase the product again for a second time right? For example you buy a 80 inch TV for 3200 you’ve had it for a year the warranty has expired something simple as your backlight on the TV malfunctioned would you want to purchase another one for 3200 when a repair company can fix it for less. Who has money to waste I sure don’t. I have a problem with getting attached to anything I purchase whether it’s a shirt, a game system, or anything I’ve purchased. If my product is broken I try fixing it not only because it’s cheaper which is not always the case but due to the fact I’ve already gotten attached to it. I also don’t want to purchase this product twice I feel as if I’m wasting my money. Having products that are designed to be repairable generates money for everybody. No one will buy something that’s not repairable unless their rich in my opinion. If you’re a salesmen or saleswomen you have to sell someone a TV and you tell that customer if you buy this product and it breaks when not under warranty it’s not repairable. I believe that customer or any customer...