Samsung Tablet Deployment for Milwaukee Enterprises

Before starting to plan a Tablet deployment you have to make sure everything is going to run smoothly.  What I mean by this, is  if there are any legacy applications you need to run on the tablet , you should test them to make sure they work.  The best way to do this is to purchase a tablet and install all the questionable apps.   After that, have a user test them out and make sure they are functioning.  After you get validation,  you’re ready to start planning.   When putting together a project there are critical steps you must take to accomplish the task at hand.  This project is the deployment of Samsung “Tabs tables” when working with a midsize company.  The steps are; analyze the budget, order new products, create teams,  set up and distribute tablets In a timely fashion.   Step one is analyzing the budget.  The factors you have to consider are how much do the tablets cost, roughly $28,500 (57 people), how much labor or time will it take and are there any other upgrades you need to do to make it work.  For example, new printers, software upgrades accessories and so on.  After researching the different aspects of the project,  I found that all of the old applications can be downloaded onto the new tablets free of cost.  Microsoft office will find the printers once connected to the network.  On the other hand, the setup and breakdown crew were outsourced and cost the company an extra $120.00.  The hardware and software techs receive a salary so they just get their normal pay.   The...

IT Technology is the future

Diane Ludwig

Diane Ludwig

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Diane Ludwig

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Technology advances show people a more efficient way to do things, and these processes get results. Students enrolled in the IT-Technology program at Milwaukee Area Technical College have an advantage to become successful in their personal career choice.  Careers in technology has been greatly advanced by the wide variety of careers choices available. Students are able to learn on a global scale without ever leaving their classrooms.  Students can earn an associate degree or choose from the many different certifications that MATC has to offer. Our world today is competing with many nations to maintain the advance status of technology.  MATC IT-Program is a leading career path for students to achieve success and compete with the global technology...

Deploy Latest Version of Samsung Android Tablet to Employees of Mid-Size Company in Milwaukee

Objective This plan should be used to seamlessly and effectively roll out new tablets to the employees of a medium-sized Milwaukee company. Tablet devices can be used to streamline work flow and increase employee mobility. The Android system should allow for flexibility in choosing software. This plan includes a rough order of magnitude that estimates for timeline, monetary cost, and resources. Cooperation with the current IT staff should be considered a high priority. Timeline & List of Tasks There should be 12 weeks of initial planning before the roll out. This plan is for deployment only. Consideration should be given to post-roll out support. The devices and software will need technical support once implemented. Week 1 Hardware & software inventory Current IT staff should submit detailed list of current tablets & software Week 2-3 Research options & hardware requirement for new tablets Include current IT staff in the discussion Research & shop MDM services Request office printer compatibility information from IT staff (wireless print servers) Request wireless network & security report from IT staff Week 4-5 Submit cost estimate to stakeholders Research tech support requirements Shop vendor options Week 6-7 Obtain prototype tablet device & begin testing Task IT staff with the prototype tablet & request feedback Deploy prototype to an employee for regular simulation testing Week 8 Analyze tablet prototype feedback Finalize choice of tablet & software with IT staff Place order for new devices Week 9-10 Create plan with IT staff for organized software installation & migration on new tablets Receive & verify new devices – register & add to inventory Setup & test wireless network Week...

Considerations for Upgrading Multiple Samsung Android Tablets on Milwaukee Enterprise

So you’ve been tasked with ensuring that all of the employees in your company who have Android tablets, we’ll assume it’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for the purposes of this post, are upgraded to the newest version. You probably have a lot of questions. The purpose of this post is to hopefully walk you through the process and try to identify any problem areas before you begin. The first consideration, as with any project like this one, is cost. You have to determine what your expenses for such an undertaking are going to be before you get started. The good news is that, all things considered, your costs should be fairly low. You already have the hardware so there won’t be an expenses there. The Android software is free so there won’t be any charge to upgrade the hardware. Your biggest consideration is going to be the cost for man hours to not only test the upgrade on a single device prior to deployment but also assist with executing the upgrades when it comes time to do so. There will also be man hours spent troubleshooting any issues that come up after the upgrades are installed. Next, my suggestion would be to test the upgrade on a single tablet. This will help to ensure that any issues that are immediately noticeable can be identified before upgrading everyone in the company. I know from past experience that there are some cases where applications are not updated to run with the current Android version prior to that upgrade rolling out. You sometimes have to wait for the app developer to...

New Features of Windows 10

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For the most frequent time Windows has been very well kept and always ahead of their devices and software always updated.  Instead Microsoft is a very different company mainly because they focus more on their software other than their products. For example other companies that focus on using IOS software only update their products. The companies don’t focus on their product in particular. The main features that Microsoft makes is the Windows store. The windows store lets you download apps securely and fast and easy to use. Microsoft makes sure always that their apps are always kept to date and made to work with their products current software version. The windows stores let’s you download apps such as Entertainment,Games, and weather apps. The apps simply can be downloaded from using your personal Microsoft account which is again very secure. The Windows store is the most unique tool that Windows software has to offer. Another great feature for Windows is the start button feature that was perhaps thought to have been gotten rid of by the latest update of Windows 10. It actually stayed and it’s very useful for users who used to use a desktop version of the oldest version of Windows 7. This start button is quite similar but just a tad different in comparison. The start button has a vary of certain ways to access apps like the weather, the date and time, and even games can be accessed for the start button. The start button now includes a new way to find the things you need by simply typing in the search bar located on the...