How to Write Your Resume/Cover Letter

Seda Angelica

Seda Angelica

IT Technical Support Student at Milwaukee Area Technical College
Goal oriented IT Support Help Desk Specialist Student ready to assist/gain knowledge in any form possibly.
Seda Angelica
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How to create professional resume and cover letter for IT Computer Support Job

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Microsoft Office Certification Exam (Under $100) – get certified for Microsoft Office Specialist

Getting prepared to take a Microsoft Office exam is one of the best things you can do in any profession. It is used by administration, management, IT, and just about every department within a company. Not having strong Microsoft skills may prevent you from getting management positions. Trying to train yourself on-the-job, as you will have to do, is much more challenging than preparing a head of time for a position. Every IT job that I’ve had, for example, I have used Microsoft office and other software the entire day every day. You also get approached with support questions related to these products, which are often out of the support scope, but it would be beneficial if a top-tier manager asks you for some Excel or Outlook assistance and you are available to provide knowledgeable help to someone that makes important decisions within a company. There are five parts to the Office 2016 exam. Other exam versions would be beneficial, but used so minimal that extra cert time would be better spent on a newer version of a different software program, or even a different scope like hardware or project management.  The five parts are Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Outlook. At minimum 3 of these will be extremely important in most career choices, possibly all 5. Word is your typical document writing. Excel is a spreadsheet workbook format that allows cells within rows and columns organize your data and has built in formulas that will calculate what you want in the cells for you. PowerPoint includes premade slideshows so you merely have to input text and pictures...

Things to Consider when creating a resume and cover letter

One of the hardest things about applying for a job is creating a resume cover letter and a cover letter. When creating a resume, you want to put in your objectives as the first section of your resume. The reason why objectives are important for employers is because what are the benefits of hiring you and what you’re going to be bringing into the company. Try adding in past experiences would make the resume look good. One way in making your resume look good is include the name of the company within the objective statement. According to there are some examples that you can use. Examples like “Looking to utilize skills in customer service and working with computers as a Technical Support Specialist for ABC company.” Another example is “Seeking employment as a Technical Support Specialist with ABC company to use extensive background in answering inquiries about computer systems and developing training manuals for fellow employees.” These are good examples for those going into the IT field. You want to have your objective straight to the point. When writing a resume, it’s important to list your education and past experiences, I believe that is important because half of the time people don’t have much knowledge about computers or as not as tech savvy as other people. I think one of the best ways that people can do when creating a resume to apply for an IT job is list the skills that they have. Most of the time you will be dealing with hardware/software issues and would need to have the knowledge to troubleshoot. Other times you will...