Becoming Microsoft Office Certified (MOS Specialist) in 2018

The economy is ever changing before our very eyes – for some of us, we may have at one point had a very nice paying full time job with benefits – enough money to support a whole family on one income… and for some of us, this was done without any higher education.  Sadly, however, this is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Times change, and if you don’t keep up with them, then you are bound to end up getting left behind. In times like this, your best course of action is to reconsider careers – with the looming threat of automation growing, there is no longer much security in a manufacturing job, and on top of that, automation stands to make the need for human workers doing certain tasks totally obsolete.  It’s a worrying matter for many of us, but it doesn’t need to be.  In this post, I will tell you a great way to jump start a brand new career – and best of all, this is one career you don’t have to worry about losing your job to a robot or AI anytime soon. I’m talking about getting into computers and support here, but namely, I’ll be talking about getting certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).  At this point, just about all of us are at least a bit familiar with this suite.  Certainly at some point, and likely often for quite a number of us, we’ve used some of the programs included – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, to name a few. Consider past experiences when using Office – you’ve likely...

How to create personal resume and cover letter for IT Computer Support Job

Many different resources have proven to be helpful this far in creating a resume and cover letter for an IT Customer support job.  I have watched various videos, provided by my IT instructors here at MATC to help me along the way.  The first one, which can be found at:, explains how to use your resume to help land a job interview.  Another one:, explains how to create a simple resume in Microsoft Word, which is what I did. I have also done numerous Google searches, at the direction of my instructors.  The main things I searched were along the lines of “Resume for IT Support Position” and “Resume with no relevant experience” since I do not have any experience in the field. Specifically, what I found covered the different types of resumes.  This includes the Chronological resume, the functional resume, the combination resume, and the targeted resume. One website that provided me with a lot of valuable information is :  Specifically, it suggest how to go about creating a resume when you have no relevant work experience, which is probably the case for many of us students. In this case, the website suggests to include a summary statement.  This is just a summary of who you are, and intends to grab the attention of the person in charge of the hiring.  A good one of these can be the difference in you getting an interview or not.  Since you might have limited or no experience, this site suggests that you highlight your skills and achievements, as well as your education and skills.  For example, if...

How to write quality resume and cover letter

Barreto Iris

Barreto Iris

My name is Iris Barreto (aka Sister Iris Marie). I am a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary getting updated and learning about the world of IT. I began my studies at MATC in the Fall of 2016. Studying the IT Support Specialist program, I hope to be a great asset to my community and to the Schoenstatt Movement.
Barreto Iris
Resume and cover letter

How to prepare and become certified as Microsoft Office Specialist

So, you have decided to take the extra step in your career to get certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist. It is always a good thing to be certified not only in this specific certification but any of the certifications that the IT Support program prepares you for. In most cases the employer will look at your application to be hired if you have a certification over the application that doesn’t have a certification. To become a certified Microsoft Office Specialist the first and one of the most important things to do is preparation. First things first, you must choose an institution to go to in order to get certified. Choosing the correct institution comes down to a couple of things; how the exam is run and how it is organized, and how much it cost to get certified there. For most institutions the cost will not very much. The good thing about attending Milwaukee Area Technical School and trying to become certified in something is that the school offers a discounted price for the exam to be certified. Once you have decided on where to take your exam at then you should start to do the research on that institution. You want to find out how long the exam is, what type of questions there are on there and the important part, how much will it cost. Next after going through with picking where and when then you have to prepare for the exam. You should read as many books as possible that you can on the subject. This should help with getting your head wrapped around any...