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When searching online there are many self improvement tools that can be used  to help improve a person's organisational skills,  productivity, and efficiency.  The following lists seven tools that you may want to consider adding to your daily routine.  They include… Google Drive, Cozi, Hootsuite, MailBird, Wm Capture and Online Alarm Clock.

The first tool is called Google Drive.  This tool is a cloud based service that stores all types of files online, making them available whenever needed.  You can access these files from a computer, tablet and a smartphone that are connected to the internet.  Microsoft’s  Word, Excel and Powerpoint files can be edited, shared and printed all using the built in productivity apps called docs, sheets and slides from Google. Google Drive helps to keep files organized and with you at all times.  This is one way to improve someone's day to day operations and make things go smoother.

The next tool is called Cozi. This tool is helpful for active families that need to keep track of everyone's schedule.  This application is free and lets you add calendars, a shopping list, a “to do” list and more.  This is a snapshot of what the calendar and interface look like.  As you can see, I have added some events to the calendar.  By clicking the show button you can actually choose the person’s calendar you want to see.

When double clicking on any of the dates it lets you add different events.  This is an example of how I added one of the events.  The next option on the menu is shopping… clicking this gives you a simple way to make a grocery list.  It actually tries to detect the type of food you’re searching for as you begin typing the name of the food.  The “to do list” option looks and works just like the shopping list.  The last option is “Journal” and is a good way to share moments with your family during a busy day.

Cozi is a great way to stay synced up with family members and keep activities organized.  A few other interesting facts are, this application works with Google Calendar and Alexa.

The third tool I’m sure you are familiar with is Twitter.  This tool works well and has many applications.  First of all it’s a great social tool that can help you stay updated in whatever industry you’re interested in by following different users and reading there posts.  One way to improve yourself is to expand your social circle by seeking out different articles and videos and sharing them online.  Finally, being social with people by tweeting, retweeting and commenting helps to show you’re active online.The fourth tool is called Hootsuite.  This is a social networking tool that lets you keep track of all the different social media accounts you have.  For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others.  What Hootsuite does is it lets you schedule when you want to post online.  This works well because you can find different kinds of media you want to share and plan out when they will be posted.  Also you can customize this application to post to one of your accounts or all of them.  Hootsuite is great for multitasking and keeping things organized.  It has built in tracking that helps track what types of posts are more popular.  If you want to try it they have a free thirty day trial.

Are you the kind of person that has three different gmail accounts and is sick of logging in and logging out to check your email?  Check out tool number five…  Mailbird.  This is a Windows mail client that works well with gmail.  This is a free tool that lets you manage different email accounts at one time.  Mailbird gives you the ability to snooze emails when they come in so you can read them later.  This is nice if your on the phone or busy with a client so you don’t get distracted.  The software also lets you customize the layout and sync it up to other apps like Facebook, Linkedin and Google Calendar.  Mailbird has a lot of nice features I encourage you to check it out.  

Number six on my list is Wm Capture.  This is a simple program that lets you capture whatever is on the computer screen at the moment.  How does this help with self improvement?  Well, say that you’re watching a YouTube video about network protocols and you really like the way the youtuber is presenting the information.  Now you can open Wm Capture and record the information you need.  I use this tool to study by recording how to do different tasks with Server 2012 and then watching them on my iPad.  This software has a free trial or if you want to buy it, it costs forty dollars.

The last tool is an Online Alarm Clock.  This is kind of an old school website but, it’s still effective.  Some ways to use this to your benefit would be giving yourself a set amount of time to get work done or if you have to pick up the kids at 3 then you won’t forget.  This site is pretty interesting to tinker around with.   I would check out the different sounds and colors it has.

In our lives there's always room for improvement.  All of these tools are great for working on self improvement one way or the other.  I hope this article gave you some good insight into self improvement.  The best way to improve your self is look in the mirror and ask yourself “what can I do better?”.  Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.