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Research iPhone and iOS for enterprise compatibility 

research iPhone x costs: This is a crucial early step in my strategy. Before you can begin any other steps, you will need to understand the cost associated with this upgrade. You will need this information before you will be able to make a budget or get clearance for the project to begin with.

research iOS software limitations: It is very important to understand the limits and weakness of any operating system you are going to be using and supporting on an enterprise level. This is why researching iOS limitations before implementing the new operating system is such an important task.

research best MDM solutions available: You will want to thoroughly research several mobile device management suites so you will be able to make an informed decision of which solution will best fit your company’s specific needs and budget.


Hire strong candidates for the deployment team

research recruitment firms: When faced with the challenge of hiring a new team of employees for a special project you might want to look into recruitment firms. If you choose to use one you will get the benefits of only having to deal with handpicked talent and not have to waste time weeding through an ocean of unqualified candidates

publish job openings: In order to find candidates to fill your open positions you will need to get the word out. The best way to do this is to post job openings. You will have the most luck if you post these openings on as many platforms as possible. The wider net you cast the more results you will get.

interview candidates: Once you have whittled down your potential employees through resume filtering it is time to interview the finalists. The interview process is very important because this is where you can get a real feel for potential team members. As good as someone can look on paper you can learn many things from meeting and having a conversation for them in person.

select and onboard team members: After you have finished all of the interviews it is now time to make final decisions and extend offers to the candidates you have selected. Assuming the job seekers accept your offer, you will then need to begin the onboarding process.

Get and set up devices

order phones: This is a crucial step to the project. Once you know how many employees will need handsets, established cost and budget it is time to order the phones. You will want to make sure that you order the devices early enough to allow time for the phones to be prepped before distribution.

activate phones with apple ID: This may seem like a small step in setting up a new iPhone however on an enterprise level with many users and devices this time can add up into a much larger resource suck then initially anticipated. That is why it is important to include this step in the business plan.

install any enterprise software: Before handing out these new devices to your employees you will most likely load third party software. This is the step where you preinstall mobile device management software as well as different business applications you will want at your employee’s disposal.

assign phones to users: Before you can distribute the new devices to your employees it is a good idea to assign the devices individually to employees. This will make distribution process streamlined helping to save time on the cut over day.


Train users and give them phones

train users on new device and new operating system: I believe it is important to give users basic training on how to use the new device and operating system. This way people can be made comfortable with the new technology and have any questions or concerns addressed before actually using the device or operating system.

give them activated phones to begin use: After all of the planning and hard work it is finally time to distribute the new phones. This step should be easy and smooth having followed all of the previous steps in this business plan. This is the step where all of planning steps really pay off. The devices are already activated and pre-loaded with key software. The phones are already assigned to specific employees and the employees have already been trained on and are comfortable using the new device and operating system.

troubleshoot any issues that may arise: Even with all of the careful planning steps that went into this process there will still most likely be issues that arise as employees begin to use their new devices. Unfortunately, when it comes to technology this is just a reality we have to live with. The best way to deal with this is to be prepared for issues to arise. Have your team aware and ready to troubleshoot any issues as they may arise.


Continued support

     keep team on to continue to support devices and software: Congratulations you have successfully rolled out an iPhone X / iOS migration for your employees! It’s true all of the heavy lifting is done and you have fulfilled the goal of your project however these devices and users will need continued support as time goes on. I would recommend shifting your mobile device roll out team to become a long-term support team. This makes natural sense as the team is very knowledgeable about the devices, the employees, and any third party mobile device management software or business applications.