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When starting to seek out employment as an IT Support specialist, please consider the following four topics to help you find the right best employment opportunity.  The topics include your Professional Online Persona, Networking, Job Posts and Interviewing.

What is a professional online persona?  This is what defines who you are online as a professional.  When employers find potential candidates to fill positions one step that is taken is seeking out different information by searching online.

How to represent yourself online as a professional.  First of all, lock down all personal accounts that may be open to the public that employers could see as a weakness.  These accounts include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  The next step to represent yourself online is to create a new Google account just for professional use.  For example, using your first initial and last name is a good way to go. (jsmith@gmail.com).  After creating the email you want to sign up for a Linkedin account.  This account will help  show potential employers your skills and accomplishments.  Also, Linkedin is a good way to connect with many professionals in your field.  Lastley, making a twitter account can show employers that you stay active in the IT field.  Twitter is an easy social networking tool to use to post articles, videos and connect with people.  When creating a Twitter account add a link to your Linkedin account, this will make it easier for employers to find you.

Networking is all about building relationships and the easiest way to expand your network is to build on the relationships you have already established.  Are you familiar with the statement …“It’s not what you know but it’s who you know.”?  That statement refers to being apart of  a good network of people.  For example , your family, friends and colleges are a good place to start.  If you want  to network with people in IT,  I would recommend using social media tools to connect with different types of professionals.  Another good way is to attend different group gatherings that pertain to Information Technology, like a hackathon or a IT Seminar.  Finally, join a professional association like HDI which is the association for technical support technicians (thinkhdi.com).

Now that you have a good online presence and you have started networking with IT professionals,  it’s time to put together a resume and search for the perfect position.  When creating a resume make sure to highlight your greatest attributes to showcase how talented you are.  Some of the popular job search websites are monster.com, indeed.com and dice.com (Dice is just for IT professionals).  Remember employers go through hundreds of different resumes to fill positions.  You want to make sure that you stand out from the rest.  One way to do this is use some keywords from the job description in your resume.  This is because companies use scanning software to seek out the best candidates.  Some examples of keywords would include associate degree, A + Certified, Server 2012 and many more.

Being prepared for the interview is a big part of getting the job.  When you schedule an interview it’s a good idea to research the company and find out some facts.  The facts I would look for are the company's mission statement, latest news and when they got started.  This is usually found on the company's website under “about our company”  Next, you should search online for frequently ask interview questions and then come up with well rounded answers.  Lastly, get a good night sleep.  For the interview… make sure to dress to impress.  Now you’re ready to land the job!  Now… don’t be late.