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Today, your greatest information source lies right at your fingertips.  It is the world-wide web (“www” or “web”)! The web is an information space where documents and other web resources are identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), interlinked by hypertext links and easily accessible through the internet.  Countless “how to’s” and do-it yourself “diy” imaginable is sourced on numerous websites.  And the leading forum specializing in internet-related searches, including webpages, images, videos and more in Google.  Google is the perfect place to find instructions for disassembling and reassembling laptop, Ultrabook, and mobile device repair, and much more. Notice, the snip (or partial screenshot) of the Google search engine below or Chrome browser (Google and Google Chrome have similar names, but different details –  Chrome is a web browser developed by engineers at Google). After typing in whatever you want to search, press the Enter key on the keyboard of your computer. Choose the most specific or relevant keywords or phrases to describe your topic, for example:  “how to disassemble an iPhone 4S?” and press ENTER on your keyboard. To maximize your search research, give specific details about the product, such as manufacturer’s name and version.  Next, access your results.  Use the tabs at the top to help define what type of search you want.  For “how to,” I would suggest a video.  In the image above, the first search result shows a guide in a portable document format (commonly referred to as “pdf” which is a file format used to present and exchange documents reliably), and the second is a YouTube link.  The more information you have, the better! ...

Important Tools Required For Smartphone or Tablet Repair

First, you will need to know the entire set of tools and/or tool kit you need to have to fix phones and tablets. Without a proper set of tools you will not be able to open and then fix the handset. Also it is important to buy tools of good quality. Tools Needed: Opening tools Screw drivers: This is the first thing you will need to open/ dismantle a cell phone. Screw drivers are of many types. The most common ones used are a Phillips screw driver whose head is of plus (+) shape. The pentalobe screw drive is also needed to dismantle iPhones. The other most common one used is the one with a star shaped head called torx. In torx type, the T6 is the most common size thats used. These screw drivers are of various sizes depending on the size of their head. Its best to buy the entire set, which will contain all types of screw drivers used for opening handsets. Openers: Openers are used to open the housing/casing as it is locked. They come in various shapes and you can use the recommended or the most convenient ones. Tweezers: Tweezers are needed to hold or lift electronic components and whenever needed to hold any other spare part.   Cleaning and servicing tools IPA: The recommended cleaning solutions for mobile phone’s printed circuit board (PCB) are IPA (Iso Propyl Alcohol) or circuit cleaner. You can also use spirit or thinner. The main job of these liquids is to clean the PCB and then evaporate immediately. Brush: The brush is used to remove and clean any dirt or dust inside the...

How To Find Instructions For Assembly and Disassembly of Laptops, Ultrabook and Moble Device Repair

Internet There is a website that I use to repair phones and game systems. Its very helpful and it is a step by step guide for pretty much anything that is on the market. You could also go to the company website that your phone was manufactured and there should be manuals on those sites to help you as well. YouTube The 8 steps of generic laptop disassembly 1. Remove the power supply and battery- Move the locking slider to the ‘unlock’ position Move the other slider in the direction of the arrow Pull the battery out straight and not on an angle 2. Remove the accessible components How to unscrew a laptop Use an appropriate magnet tipped screwdriver, most of the time you will use a Philips screwdriver for this (see laptop disassembly tools) If you are removing a cover, e.g. a Hard Drive or RAM cover, it may help if you place masking tape over the screw hole to keep the screws in place once the cover is removed so as not to lose the screws. If the screw spins and does not come out first of all turn the laptop over and gently tap the underside, try using the magnetic tip of the screwdriver to pull the screw out if this helps If the threads on the screw have became worn then consider using a Dremel tool to drill the screw out. How to take the back / bottom of a laptop off Undo the screws from all of the covers that house the components found on the underside of the laptop. The number of...

How to find disassembly and reassembly instructions for laptop, Ultrabook and mobile device repair?

  There are several ways you can locate instructions for disassembly and reassembly your laptop, ultra book, or mobile devices.  After looking through different websites i have found several websites that can help you as a guide not to only assembly and disassemble but to upgrade and show you what tools you need to perform this task. Have a laptop that won’t turn on or you need help repairing it? This website provides a series of guides for many laptop models for you to do just that. The guides are divide up by brands of computers which makes the search easier for you. This website is owned by Google. YouTube has thousands of guides on everything from assembly to disassembly or if you are having issues with your computer. Just type whats wrong with your devices in the search box and many videos will show up and help you. MyFixGuide Do you have a laptop or mobile phone that needs repair but you can’t afford it to get fix. This websites gives you lots of options of do it yourself guides on how you can repair your device and also can save you money. The guides are easy to follow and gives you a picture of each step to make sure you are going in the right direction.              ...

Differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10 for Enterprise Support users

Barreto Iris

Barreto Iris

My name is Iris Barreto (aka Sister Iris Marie). I am a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary getting updated and learning about the world of IT. I began my studies at MATC in the Fall of 2016. Studying the IT Support Specialist program, I hope to be a great asset to my community and to the Schoenstatt Movement.
Barreto Iris
I have put together information on the web in a more condensed form. The following is a short documentation of differences between Microsoft Windows 7 and 10. Click here to Download differences between Win 7 & 10...

How to cost effectively market mobile device repair business?

In today’s world, people are programmed to buy electronic devices that they only see being good for a couple years at most. Whether it is the person wanting the newest or best product or people see them as not fixable. With people more willing to upgrade then fix mobile repair business have to use effective and luring marketing schemes to bring in customers but not break the bank. Mobile repair businesses are all the rage right now with devices being broken like it’s going out of style. The number of devices out there whether it is smart phones, iPods, tablets and iPads the number of devices needing fixing will only increase. Once you have a physical location to operate out of the marketing campaign comes next. The days of opening a shop and having customers instantly is sadly gone due to market saturation. A marketing campaign is going to be needed to get you on the map. The internet is the ultimate resource for getting free and affordable advertising as well as reaching the broadest number of potential customers. This free and affordable advertising will present itself in the following ways; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Emails and a company website. First and foremost, any reputable business in the world nowadays has a website to promote and showcase what the company can offer. Being a service based website the website will not be too overly complicated and will be affordable if a website creator is needed. Here we will show the services we offer, prices, as well as before and after shots of some products we have. Tying into my next...