2017-2018 MATC IT Computer Support Program Cards

Vadim Mikhailenko

Vadim Mikhailenko

MATC IT Computer Support Program Instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical College
Vadim is a pasionate IT instructor with 20 years of experience. He loves sharing his knowledge and makes students his top priority.
Vadim Mikhailenko
Attached are images of IT Computer Support Program Cards for 2017-2018 School year. Some courses have changed so cards have been updated. Always good to have latest electronic versions 🙂   Also include PDF Versions of the files for your reference: IT Computer Support Specialist AAS_ProCard_2017-18 IT Computer Support Technician_Diploma _ProCard_2017-18 IT Help Desk Support Specialist_Diploma _ProCard_2017-18 IT Level 2 - Service Center Technician_Certificate_ProCard_2017-18 IT Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Support Specialist_Certificate_ProCard_2017-18 IT Service Center Technician_Certificate_ProCard_2017-18 IT User Support Technician_Diploma...

How to Prepare to Complete Job Application and Pass Skills Test for IT Computer Support Job

How to Prepare to Complete Job...

How to Create a Personal Resume and Cover Letter for an IT Support Job

How to Create a Personal Resume Project 1My Post ContentHow to Create a Personal Resume Project 1 Cover Letter Project 1Natalie Smith...

How to create professional resume and cover letter for IT Computer Support Job

So you don’t have experience in IT yet and you want to land an IT job. A classic resume won’t do you any favors. The classic chronological resume is great for some seasoned professional who has been in the industry for years. That person should be able to flaunt examples of their personal knowledge of systems, networks, and all associated technologies. A hiring manager is going to read hundreds of these resumes. If you’re fresh out of class or still in the thick of it, your chronological resume might not stand out much. What you need is the functional resume. This functional resume style will help you to stand out and be a fresh face that a hiring manager might need to see. The functional resume focuses on the less substantial things like education, soft skills, and ambition. You still want to add some work experience to the functional resume, if you have it. Hiring managers like to know if, and when you’ve been working. Gaps in employment could furrow brows even after your shiny new objective section just blew their hiring socks off. Functional Resume To-Do List Gather your key information – Keep your work experience dates and addresses in a separate file. Backup this file to a few different drives. You need to have accurate records of your work experience, and you’ll reference them often. You’ll rest easy knowing you have this tedious stuff saved somewhere. Gather your key words – Flip through your textbooks and copy down plenty of industry keywords. These will be needed to have your glistening, pristine functional resume picked up by all...

Differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10 for Enterprise Support users

Iris Barreto

Iris Barreto

My name is Iris Barreto (aka Sister Iris Marie). I am a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary getting updated and learning about the world of IT. I began my studies at MATC in the Fall of 2016. Studying the IT Support Specialist program, I hope to be a great asset to my community and to the Schoenstatt Movement.
Iris Barreto
I have put together information on the web in a more condensed form. The following is a short documentation of differences between Microsoft Windows 7 and 10. Click here to Download differences between Win 7 & 10...

Prepare and get certified for COMPTIA Network+ Certification in Milwaukee Area

I am currently attending MATC going for the IT Computer Support Specialist program. I plan on taking this exam by the end of this semester because I want to land an internship this summer so by writing this guide this will help me research a lot about the exam so that I can be prepare. The A+ Exam is one of the best beginner certificate to get because it shows employers that you are knowledgeable about both software and hardware. This exam has to be renewed every 3 years because of the advancement in software. If you study at MATC like I do there are benefits to preparing for the exam because the school supplies the students with programs like Transcender and CBT Nuggets. CBT Nuggets is very different from Transcender because it is just videos and does not give questions straight from the exam like the other program. The first thing to preparing for the certification test is make sure to have some ground rules like learning the basics, practice tests, courses that teach this subject. First rule is taking the Network+ course, this course will teach you what you need to know and also give you hands-on experience. The hands-on experience will how you how it will be in office environment you’re going to be working in. After finishing the course, you can take practice tests or buy exams that will help you enhance your knowledge on the certification exam. The program that is helped me study for this exam was called Transcender. Transcender prepares you by showing you questions straight from the exam. After practicing for...