Prepare and get certified for COMPTIA Network+ Certification in Milwaukee Area

I am currently attending MATC going for the IT Computer Support Specialist program. I plan on taking this exam by the end of this semester because I want to land an internship this summer so by writing this guide this will help me research a lot about the exam so that I can be prepare. The A+ Exam is one of the best beginner certificate to get because it shows employers that you are knowledgeable about both software and hardware. This exam has to be renewed every 3 years because of the advancement in software. If you study at MATC like I do there are benefits to preparing for the exam because the school supplies the students with programs like Transcender and CBT Nuggets. CBT Nuggets is very different from Transcender because it is just videos and does not give questions straight from the exam like the other program. The first thing to preparing for the certification test is make sure to have some ground rules like learning the basics, practice tests, courses that teach this subject. First rule is taking the Network+ course, this course will teach you what you need to know and also give you hands-on experience. The hands-on experience will how you how it will be in office environment you’re going to be working in. After finishing the course, you can take practice tests or buy exams that will help you enhance your knowledge on the certification exam. The program that is helped me study for this exam was called Transcender. Transcender prepares you by showing you questions straight from the exam. After practicing for...

Get Your CompTIA Network+ Certification in Milwaukee

Professional certifications have obvious benefits in real world applications. This is a guide to becoming certified in CompTIA Net+ in Milwaukee, WI. There is more than one way accomplish this. Here, I will outline the long route. One can essentially do the minimum and possibly ace the exam by accident with few resources used or time dedicated. That plan is not logical. Follow this plan for best results. Stakeholders: You are the most important person in this project. Some may claim their peers or parents are stakeholders. Countless movies and television shows exist only to explain the drawbacks of this. Consider Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Don’t be like Cameron. Do things for yourself. Objective: “Either you’re slingin’ crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot” -Notorious BIG. This Net+ certification should help you in your career as an IT professional. This can be the wicked jump shot on your resume. Cost: Expect to fork out about $900 using this plan. The bulk of this expense is the class at MATC. There may be financial aid to be utilized. One could also get creative and put together a crowd fund. Tasks:  Find your motivation and commit to the plan. A wise man once said, “There is no try. Only do or do not”.  Register for CompTIA Net+ class at MATC. This will aid in gaining the required knowledge and confidence to  pass the CompTIA Net+ exam. See link below.  Obtain the required resources. The comprehensive online resource Testout for the Net+ class is an important  resource here. It is required for the class and has practice exams...

How to prepare for your CompTia Network+ Certification and Pass Exam in Milwaukee Area

If you are looking to get into a networking field you will want to receive the CompTia Network+ certification to get a basic understanding of networking.  This will teach you many of the industry’s standard practices and guidelines for networking as a whole.  It is important that you understand what you are supposed to learn before taking this exam.  It can be a time-consuming process even if you have a basic understanding of networking already.  It is important to try and find official documentation and practice tests for review to make sure you know the terminology they utilize.  It can be difficult to go in with knowledge you possess, as you may misunderstand questions if you do not study their way.  The following steps can help you prepare to study for the exam the correct way and become certified in no time. Before you go into the exam it is important to be well prepared, and to be well prepared you need a plan.  It is important to set goals to accomplish and to have a reasonable timeline to complete them in, do not try to rush the process.  First you should create a timeline, second you should make sure you are confident that you are meeting those timeline goals effectively.  It is okay to adjust your timeline if you see issues arise or are getting frustrated, just remember not to stray too far off.   Next execute your strategy properly, make sure that you are reviewing material that you know is on the test.  Take a practice exam if you understand basic networking already, see if any of it...

Keeping calm for finals week

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I saw this article on the website, and have been trying to adhere to it as much as possible. I actually printed a copy and posted it on my bedroom wall, kitchen fridge, and inside my laptop case, as reminders. I hope this will also help some of you as well. Plan your time One of the best and most helpful ways is to master the art of time management. There is nothing worse than to realize you have a ten page paper due the next day or five quizzes you just remembered that need to be taken. Procrastination is one of the worst things you can do to yourself during finals time. Planning out your assignments for each week should do wonders on those stress levels. This way you can do one small task at a time throughout the week. The last minutes occurrences and the quality of your work will improve with this method. Get to bed Whatever you do, don’t pull an all-nighter, especially during finals week. They just don’t work. Sure, you get tons of last minute work done, but at the cost of a sleepless night? Sleep deprivation does not improve work, it makes it look sloppy, and professors can usually tell when something was done the night before. And on top of all that, the stress on your body after not getting any sleep is more harmful than good. Our bodies need sleep to stay functional, and a sleepless night actually puts ore stress on your body. Start a study group Starting up a study group with friends and classmates can also...

MATC IT Bytes Newsletter – February 2017

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