How to Share Files Using Dropbox

Dropbox is just one of many cloud-based storage programs. Essentially, you can save files there for you to access when you’re not at home or work. It’s one of the big names in cloud storage and they’re based in San Francisco. Here is a guide to using their free and simple file sharing feature. 1. Start at This is very straight forward stuff here. If you have gmail and use Google Chrome it’s a breeze. 2. Share a single file. This is just one option for sharing files. Once you have your file(s) uploaded, just select them and click Share. You can select the contacts or email addresses to share them with. You can add multiple recipients and add comments for description. 3. Make a Shared Folder. This option will do exactly what is says. Make separate folders for different topics whether they’re personal or for work.   Just select the members of your shared file group and add a comment.   That’s the file sharing feature of Dropbox. You can get the app on your mobile device and have even greater access to these features.  ...

Deploy latest version of Samsung android tablet to employees of medium size company in Milwaukee.

Okay, you’ve made it! You are now a Project manager of a medium sized company that is based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. The region your company has is in Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Chicago. The company wants to upgrade their tech departments for the latest version Samsung has to offer. Our job is to figure out a good strategy that will help the users transition smoothly to the new applications. This scenario requires us to have 57 new Samsung devices, which means 57 users are getting a brand new deceives that they may never have used before. Organization and communication are paramount in the success of this mission. The first thing we need to do is identify a list of tasks that are required to accomplish the project. We need to: • Document number of devices • Create inventory of all applications installed on devices • Create a pilot upgrade device, with the new operating system installed • Install existing applications on to the pilot device • Verify compatibility of the applications on the new OS • Remediate issues with the applications (make changes to make apps work) • Create a migration plan • Execute migration plan • Support devices/users that still have issues • Close the project. Above is a sample list of tasks that will need to be completed to have a successful upgrade. Now it is my opinion that people can use multiple devices to connect to the existing internet. There has never been anything wrong with options. In fact, in my day to day life I have many different forms of electronic equipment that all can do...

How to prepare for your CompTia Network+ Certification and Pass Exam in Milwaukee Area

If you are looking to get into a networking field you will want to receive the CompTia Network+ certification to get a basic understanding of networking.  This will teach you many of the industry’s standard practices and guidelines for networking as a whole.  It is important that you understand what you are supposed to learn before taking this exam.  It can be a time-consuming process even if you have a basic understanding of networking already.  It is important to try and find official documentation and practice tests for review to make sure you know the terminology they utilize.  It can be difficult to go in with knowledge you possess, as you may misunderstand questions if you do not study their way.  The following steps can help you prepare to study for the exam the correct way and become certified in no time. Before you go into the exam it is important to be well prepared, and to be well prepared you need a plan.  It is important to set goals to accomplish and to have a reasonable timeline to complete them in, do not try to rush the process.  First you should create a timeline, second you should make sure you are confident that you are meeting those timeline goals effectively.  It is okay to adjust your timeline if you see issues arise or are getting frustrated, just remember not to stray too far off.   Next execute your strategy properly, make sure that you are reviewing material that you know is on the test.  Take a practice exam if you understand basic networking already, see if any of it...

How to Insert a table into Microsoft PowerPoint


Security features of Microsoft Excel – Quick overview


MATC IT Bytes Newsletter – February 2017

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Vadim Mikhailenko

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Vadim Mikhailenko
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