How To Prepare and get HDI SCA Certified (Help Desk Institute Support Center Analyst)

The Information Technology field is ever growing, especially in security and support. Education is crucial in order to actually obtain a position in these fields. Also, while having a degree in IT is indeed helpful in not only knowing what to do in the field you plan on working in, most IT companies require a degree in such fields, usually an Associates. However, in order to actually get noticed by those companies when you attempt to apply for a career in your field of choosing, getting a certification in your field certainly does help you in your endeavor. Certifications aren’t requirements usually, but, compared to possibly the many others applying for the position you want, they certainly do help your chances in getting noticed. A certification shows that you took the extra steps in order to further yourself and your education to obtain a position in preferred area, it also shows that you know what to do if you’re employed in the career you want. Certifications vary largely to the areas in IT. In addition, all certifications require you paying for them, studying the information provided, and passing the exam in the end. The particular certification I’m going over is the HDI SCA (Help Desk Institute Support Center Analyst) certification. This certification is particular to the support field of IT, if the name of the certification wasn’t obvious enough. How would one prepare for this certification? How exactly is it helpful for you to have this certification? Hopefully I’ll be to help with that. Why is this certification something to consider getting? Because you are most likely to have...

How to Train Users After New System Was Implemented At Work



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Motivated and determined Information Technology Customer Support student with an anticipated graduation date of Spring 2018.
For many users, new technology is exciting and inviting.  When a new is implemented at work the result is productivity – getting more things done … and things done much faster than the old system allowed.  However, other users are skeptical about digital transformation.  For these employees, the old system worked well, and the new system brings confusion, anxiety, and frustration.  The rate of a person’s or group’s progress in gaining experience or new skills is usually slow.  Training seminars, flowcharts, organizational charts, implementation charts, manuals, memorandums, etc. seems endless and time-consuming.  All employees need to understand how new systems will benefit them and their respective jobs. The pace of technological advances in the workplace is often slow because of several factors, including budget and many people do not want to have their routines disrupted.   Managers and training personnel need to get employees comfortable crossing the bridge to technological improvement.  It is important to understand how to implement a new system in the workplace. COMMUNICATIONS Keep employees updated on possible technological changes – this means from the exploratory point up to the final launch date.  Outline the benefits and how the implementation of a new system will impact each employee and the overall productivity of the business. CUSTOMIZE TRAINING The rate of familiarity and interest in technology varies greatly.  Whether an individual is an auditory, visual, or a kinesthetic learner, we all absorb information differently. Modify training sessions to accommodate different types of learners by providing a range of learning styles and materials.  Present options such as documents, live training, interactive social media tools, and videos that will be...

How to Install Microsoft Windows 10 on VMware – Tutorial

Article is optimized for mobile viewing. MATC students have VMware available to them. This is a hypervisor that let’s you simulate an operating system on your computer as if it were a standard app or program. Students can get the VMware here from Pat Feder’s site. There’s plenty more information on this subject there, even some links to tutorial videos. 1. Click VMware Academic Program (VMware Workstation) 2. Choose the latest version of WMware Workstation (12 in this screenshot) after you login with your MATC credentials. 3. Add it to the cart and proceed to your free Check Out. 4.  Find the WMware Workstation file in your Downloads Folder and double click it. 5. The Installation Wizard will pop up and installation is straight forward. 6. To install the Windows 10 operating system on the VMware, you’ll need the ISO file from Microsoft. To do that, you’ll need to download the Media Creation Tool. 7. Find the Media Creation Tool in your Downloads folder and start it up with a double click. 8. Choose the ISO file option. 9. Choose the ISO file and you’ll choose a place to save it. It’s a biggie and will take some time and space to download. Just remember what file you saved it in. 10. Open the VMware workstation and you should see something like this. We want to create a new Virtual Machine. 11. A new Installation Wizard will pop up. Find that ISO file you downloaded and follow the standard prompts. 12. The standard settings should be fine. If you have a bounty of processor cores, you can assign them here....

How To Edit MS Office Documents on Android Phones

Article is optimized for mobile viewing. Scoff at your desktop computer and walk around editing all your documents with your Android device. Microsoft Word has an app that’s free on the Google Play Store for your Android device. Search for “Microsoft Word” in your Google Play Store app. Download it. Then just open the Microsoft Word app on your Android device and things should look familiar. Create documents or edit them from your cloud storage or device. Touch the “Take a tour” page for a summary of the app. In the Word app, just click anywhere and you can edit with the keypad and ribbon. Find Microsoft Excel too. Again, you can open documents from your device or cloud storage. If you’re familiar with the full desktop version, you’ll breeze through the app. Of course you don’t want to set down the skee balls at the arcade so you can edit your spreadsheet. But you most certainly can.   Use the ribbon for common functions and even find tabs at the bottom of the page. And the same kind of app is available for your presentations. Search for “PowerPoint” on the Google Play Store app and get your Microsoft PowerPoint for free. Make changes to your document before the big meeting or start a new presentation out in the field. Google makes similar apps like Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Docs. These apps may already be on your phone if you have a carrier like Google Project Fi....

Differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10 for Enterprise Support users

Iris Barreto

Iris Barreto

My name is Iris Barreto (aka Sister Iris Marie). I am a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary getting updated and learning about the world of IT. I began my studies at MATC in the Fall of 2016. Studying the IT Support Specialist program, I hope to be a great asset to my community and to the Schoenstatt Movement.
Iris Barreto
I have put together information on the web in a more condensed form. The following is a short documentation of differences between Microsoft Windows 7 and 10. Click here to Download differences between Win 7 & 10...

Deploy latest version of Samsung android tablet to employees of medium size company in Milwaukee.

Okay, you’ve made it! You are now a Project manager of a medium sized company that is based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. The region your company has is in Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Chicago. The company wants to upgrade their tech departments for the latest version Samsung has to offer. Our job is to figure out a good strategy that will help the users transition smoothly to the new applications. This scenario requires us to have 57 new Samsung devices, which means 57 users are getting a brand new deceives that they may never have used before. Organization and communication are paramount in the success of this mission. The first thing we need to do is identify a list of tasks that are required to accomplish the project. We need to: • Document number of devices • Create inventory of all applications installed on devices • Create a pilot upgrade device, with the new operating system installed • Install existing applications on to the pilot device • Verify compatibility of the applications on the new OS • Remediate issues with the applications (make changes to make apps work) • Create a migration plan • Execute migration plan • Support devices/users that still have issues • Close the project. Above is a sample list of tasks that will need to be completed to have a successful upgrade. Now it is my opinion that people can use multiple devices to connect to the existing internet. There has never been anything wrong with options. In fact, in my day to day life I have many different forms of electronic equipment that all can do...