How to Plan Busness trip from Milwaukee to Madrid, Spain

So you’ve decided to travel to Madrid? Fantástico! Having spent a couple weeks in and around there myself in my younger days, I can say that you have made a great decision. Spain is a vibrant, lively place full of culture, history, (mostly) wonderful people, and some of the best food you’ll ever eat. However, getting there is going to take some planning. What kind of documents are you going to need? How can I save money on flights? Where should I stay? I hope to he;p you answer these questions and more. First, before you do anything else, you have to consider what documents you’re going to need to travel to Spain. As with any international country, number one, with a bullet, is going to be a passport. You aren’t going anywhere without a passport. Instructions on applying for a passport, including where to go and what documentation is needed, may be found online here. I am assuming that you are from the United States and, if you are, a visa is not required but if you aren’t, you may want to consult this list to find out if your country is one where a visa would be required. Also, regardless of which country you’re from, the maximum number of day you can be in Spain without special permissions is 90. Second, you’re going to need flights. There are a multitude of airlines that fly from the U.S. to Spain so it’s really a matter of deciding who is going to fit your timetable and your budget. Everybody is going to tell you that their airfare web site...

How to prepare for your CompTia Network+ Certification and Pass Exam in Milwaukee Area

If you are looking to get into a networking field you will want to receive the CompTia Network+ certification to get a basic understanding of networking.  This will teach you many of the industry’s standard practices and guidelines for networking as a whole.  It is important that you understand what you are supposed to learn before taking this exam.  It can be a time-consuming process even if you have a basic understanding of networking already.  It is important to try and find official documentation and practice tests for review to make sure you know the terminology they utilize.  It can be difficult to go in with knowledge you possess, as you may misunderstand questions if you do not study their way.  The following steps can help you prepare to study for the exam the correct way and become certified in no time. Before you go into the exam it is important to be well prepared, and to be well prepared you need a plan.  It is important to set goals to accomplish and to have a reasonable timeline to complete them in, do not try to rush the process.  First you should create a timeline, second you should make sure you are confident that you are meeting those timeline goals effectively.  It is okay to adjust your timeline if you see issues arise or are getting frustrated, just remember not to stray too far off.   Next execute your strategy properly, make sure that you are reviewing material that you know is on the test.  Take a practice exam if you understand basic networking already, see if any of it...

Deploying the Latest Version of iPads to Employees of a Medium Sized Company in Milwaukee


Prepare and get certified for CompTIA Network+ Certification in the Milwaukee Area


Upgrade Office Computers to the latest version of the Windows Operating System

Kyle Balistreri

Kyle Balistreri

Meat Department at Sendiks
I am an individual looking to better myself. My joy has always been in technology. I was introduced to computers at an early age and it became my passion. I became skilled at building computers, replacing parts and installing operating systems through trial and error.

In my time in college so far, I've expanded my knowledge of Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office and Vmware. I have obtained exceptional customer service skills through my past and current professions. I wish to apply these skills and traits to help others troubleshoot computer related issues.
Kyle Balistreri
  Windows 10 is the future, simple as that. Microsoft vowed to not make another operating system again, but only to update Windows 10. Microsoft can make more money by making sure every desktop pc runs windows 10 instead of fragmenting the operating systems with paid upgrades every few years. Staying with Windows 7 is only going to hurt your company in the long run, currently upgrading to Windows 10 is free, eventually Windows 7 will lose support and be unsecure. Upgrading before the July 29th deadline will make this upgrade cost virtually nothing! (Aside from labor costs and application testing software) Where do we start? The first thing that would need to be done is a site survey. A site survey will help build insight into every device and help uncover possible complications with the project. So what needs to be considered in a site survey? First off, how many users are there? In our case we have 57 desktops and 112 laptops. In addition to actually users, how many more might be added in the future? Is the company growing? How many printers and routers and servers are there? Do you have the network infrastructure to perform a network deployment?   What could possibly go wrong with this upgrade? One thing to keep in mind is, do you have sufficient hardware to handle the upgrade? Thankfully this is a non-issue for our case as the Windows 7 and Windows 10 minimum requirements are identical! The minimum requirements are as follows: Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for...