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Passionate Information Technology Customer Support Specialist Student at Milwaukee Area Technical College
Motivated and determined Information Technology Customer Support student with an anticipated graduation date of Spring 2018.
If you have been keeping up with the industry, then you already know that social media is the latest and greatest forum arts, sports, fashion, cosmetic makeovers, and jobs… yes, jobs!  Social media is at the intersection of technology and human interaction. We are gradually shifting to websites which offer the opportunity for greater human interaction. Typical recruiting is a thing of the past (just like pagers).  Statistics reveal that more employers look to locates candidates and hire the latest asset to their business based on social media recruiting.  Social media is a talent pipeline. SOURCE: In business and the private sectors, social networking is at a fury right now, in business and in private life. Employers is using social media to find qualified applicants, often a faster and cheaper method of identifying good job candidates than posting a job. Even before you sit down at your first interview, social media is used to helps recruiters gain a clearer picture of who you. They also pick up clues about your personality and how you might fit into their corporate culture.  According to, employers look to social media to find out your history.  Here are some of the things potential employers look to social media for: How well you communicate (your spelling, punctuation, and grammar as well as your ability to clearly communicate ideas). Your work history and education. Your industry knowledge. Your use of alcohol. Your use of illegal substances. Your use of profanity. How you spend your non-work time. FACEBOOK is the world’s largest social network.  Facebook is a social networking website that is operated and...

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for IT Jobs in Milwaukee Area

The job search isn’t exactly the reason we’re students. However, it is something we will probably struggle through. There is plenty of advice for topics like choosing a school, choosing a major, or nailing an interview. When it comes to the job search, it can seem like we’re out there alone. There are obvious things to help the job search, but we could be doing some things wrong without knowing. Here are 7 mistakes to avoid while searching for a great IT job in the Milwaukee Metro Area. 1. Clean up your online image. This is increasingly important and the first thing you should do before getting too deep in the job hunt. Have friends or family run some searches on you. If there are even slightly silly or embarrassing results, employers could be passing on your resume without giving you a chance. Just like all important issues, you want to bury the hurtful things deep, down inside the internet. Honestly, the inappropriate stuff may not be a deal breaker. You just want the good results at the top of the list. 2. Look past the internet. There’s a lot that comes with this topic. You want to utilize everything you can to get your hands on job openings. Check career centers at schools, and not just the school you’re enrolled in. There are staff members in school that are only there to find jobs for students. This is directly linked to networking. The more people you talk to the better. Check out local networking groups like HDI. 3. Use all the right keywords in search fields. If you’re...

How To Edit MS Office Documents on Android Phones

Article is optimized for mobile viewing. Scoff at your desktop computer and walk around editing all your documents with your Android device. Microsoft Word has an app that’s free on the Google Play Store for your Android device. Search for “Microsoft Word” in your Google Play Store app. Download it. Then just open the Microsoft Word app on your Android device and things should look familiar. Create documents or edit them from your cloud storage or device. Touch the “Take a tour” page for a summary of the app. In the Word app, just click anywhere and you can edit with the keypad and ribbon. Find Microsoft Excel too. Again, you can open documents from your device or cloud storage. If you’re familiar with the full desktop version, you’ll breeze through the app. Of course you don’t want to set down the skee balls at the arcade so you can edit your spreadsheet. But you most certainly can.   Use the ribbon for common functions and even find tabs at the bottom of the page. And the same kind of app is available for your presentations. Search for “PowerPoint” on the Google Play Store app and get your Microsoft PowerPoint for free. Make changes to your document before the big meeting or start a new presentation out in the field. Google makes similar apps like Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Docs. These apps may already be on your phone if you have a carrier like Google Project Fi....

Comparison to Windows 10 Enterprise to Windows7

by Marco Dunn The new Battery saver is directly installed in Windows 10 itself. From the Settings application pick System and afterward Battery saver to discover it know when you’re down to 20 percent of battery life yet you can change this level on the off chance that you need, or turn it on physically whenever. Also with windows 10 you can check the power plan under System in Settings, the Windows 10 control, arrange interface is accessible through the Power and Sleep. The lower these screen and rest times are, the more battery life will spare between charges. Know with the mobile phones you can kill Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save some energy, and it’s the same in Windows 10 go to Network & the internet in Settings and under Airplane mode turn it off or on to save energy. Another thing you can also do in windows 10 to saving energy is turning down the display brightness and that is located under display and system. If you would like to save more energy try unplugging things that aren’t being used on the system and try turning down the volume to save energy these are the fundamentals to windows 10 saving energy. Windows 7 conserving battery options first thing to consider when trying to conserve energy on the Windows Operating System is to lower the brightness to the screen when using the laptop the command to do that is select Administrative tools, then go to task scheduler in the control panel then go to next run time column, double-click the task, then select the conditions tab from the...

Differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10 for Enterprise Support users

Iris Barreto

Iris Barreto

My name is Iris Barreto (aka Sister Iris Marie). I am a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary getting updated and learning about the world of IT. I began my studies at MATC in the Fall of 2016. Studying the IT Support Specialist program, I hope to be a great asset to my community and to the Schoenstatt Movement.
Iris Barreto
I have put together information on the web in a more condensed form. The following is a short documentation of differences between Microsoft Windows 7 and 10. Click here to Download differences between Win 7 & 10...

Differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10 for Enterprise Support Users

New windows as a service model New versions of Windows preceding Windows 10 by default meant waiting long periods for new version and additional training for users. In today’s world things are moving much faster. Windows as a Service (WaaS) will deliver smaller updates more often, giving the opportunity to its users to test a service during its development.  Individuals and organizations will help shape Windows by giving feedback before an update is released. Migrating from earlier versions of Windows, a simple in-place upgrade process will preserve all apps, settings, and data. Since Windows 10 is compatible with most hardware and software running on Windows 7 and later, the application compatibility testing process can be greatly simplified. Microsoft made minimal changes in the existing Win 32 application programming making most Windows desktop applications compatible with Windows 10. Similar, no new hardware is in needed for Windows 10, because minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7 and later are enough to be run on Windows 10. However, new OEM and first party devices are recommended. The way of servicing is changed with Windows 10, meaning that servicing branches are the firs way to separate users into deployment groups for feature and quality updates. Windows 10 has three servicing branches, Current Branch for Business, and Long Term Servicing Branch. Feature updates will be released two to three times per year in smaller segments. A new differential upgrade capability that will reduce the download size by 35% has been announced. Quality updates will be delivered once a month with Windows 10. They will contain both security and other fixes which will help customers...