Prepare and Get Certified for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Milwaukee Area

To certify for Microsoft Office Specialist is a step in a person’s life that could help earn an entry-level business position and an increase in salary. In order to get certified you need to make a plan and a strategy to help you stay on track and minimize the time and effort on this journey as much as possible. First, after you recognized the need for getting certified you need to get familiar with the exam, although it comes at the end. The best way to start the search is to look up the exam objectives and content, and since it is a Microsoft’s product you should hit their website first: . Here you can chose whether to take MS Office 2016, MS Office 2013, MS Office 2010, or 2007 MS Office System exams. What would be the best choice depends on the job you are aiming to. Also, you will notice that you can take the exam either for only one or more Microsoft Office applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Access and so on. After you decide which exams you want to take look for available study resources online, at your educational institution if you are a student, and check the public library. There are books for MOS certification on Amazon for about $22, Testout’s online course for about $110 for the MS suite which is good for 18 months if you are a college student, or $79 a month if you are not a student. Microsoft also offers online and on-demand training. Find some time to read other people’s experiences and...

Windows 10 Productivity Improvements

Cortana Cortana is what Microsoft calls a digital agent. What is a “digital agent”? It’s one of the first things that a new Windows 10 user will experience. I was hoping for James Bond’s computer construct counterpart meets Hackerman from Fung Fury, but technology is not quite there yet. The Cortana software is really an interface to other features of the Windows 10 operating system. If the PC is setup with a microphone and the correct settings, you can talk to it. This has the same functionality as typing in the taskbar. Users will need to click the microphone icon in the taskbar to make her “listen”. Cortana can handle reminders and timers with ease. It can even send emails, manage lists, and calendars. My favorite feature is that it can open apps for you. This digital agent feature is exciting because it seems like budding artificial intelligence technology. I hope I’m around someday when new operating systems only function through microphones and AI. Set These Tabs Aside – Edge Browser I can see you rolling your eyes already. Microsoft’s web browsers are the Nickelbacks of computer technology, everyone’s punching bag. Other, more popular web browsers don’t come with a feature like this. There are extensions available, but those are not always the smoothest apps. Tabs can add up in a hurry. They’re not always relevant but it can be a heartbreaker if we lose them. Users can keep their tabs for later browsing and clear the row of tabs for an uncluttered page with this feature. Simply click the icon when you’re ready to manage the tabs. Multiple...

Planning Travel Arrangements for the Business Trip from Milwaukee to Shanghai, China

Sabrina Tolley

Sabrina Tolley

IMSD Service Desk Technician/DeskTop Support at Stratagem/Milw Cnty
I provide support for all types of client technology including Desktop computers, Phones, and Laptops.

Having served in Information Technology for the past 15+ years as a Desktop/Help Desk Support Specialist, with continued success in obtaining my Associates Degree in Networking Administration/Service Desk Program as of January 2016.
Sabrina Tolley
When applying for an IT professional at some companies can require a bit of travel time as much as every other weekend, once a month to twice a month, and/or weekly depending on profitability.  Many companies provide a corporate expense account that will pay for your travel cost. When it comes to travel for the company you should take into account where you are to travel the cost of the airline/hotel and sometimes the car rental if you can get it all in one package. You then have to factor in the cost of your meals if you’re not going to eat at the hotel for each meal. Each hotel can charge for numbers of expense such as WIFI, meal after hours, transportation. Hotels are in the $150 to $250 per night range up to $500 depending on your preference. Let’s say you are asked to travel to Shanghai, China for a conference the conference will be for 5 days you will need to book a flight for a week costing $1501.39, you may need a rental car (economy or compact car, you can expect to pay $35 to $50 per day) and or transportation (Subway) to get from one event to another. Some hotels provide a limo service all which will need to be factored into your travel cost. You will need cost for breakfast ($17) daily, lunch, and dinner which could be extra per meal. You may want to go a nearby bar/grill that has entertainment ($144) including limo ride, drink, and food.  Also, keep in mind that when traveling internationally you will convert USD to their...

7 Gmail plugins to boost your productivity

  Today I’ll be giving a short overview of my seven favorite Gmail plugins. I’ll be featuring an array of very useful tools to help you up your productivity by automating certain tasks, streamlining your user experience through simplifying your inbox, and gaining better control of several aspects of Gmail using utilitarian inbox plugins. (Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail and iCloud) shines in its simplicity and ease of use. Once installed it automatically populates a list of all your subscriptions. For every entry you have three options; keep in inbox, unsubscribe or add to Rollup. The first two options keep in inbox and unsubscribe are pretty straightforward. Rollup is a feature where any subscriptions you add to rollup are then hidden from your inbox. Then presented to you in a news feed/social media feeling format daily.   Gmail snooze: (Chrome only) Snooze is a great little plugin that allows you to “snooze” emails so they disappear for a set amount of time and then remind you when the snooze period has ended. It’s a simple idea but also a powerful tool in your productivity kit. Snoozing less urgent mail will allow you to focus on what’s important without forgetting to respond to less urgent matters.     Rapportive: (Chrome, Firefox, Google Apps) Rapportive dredges the internet for information on your Gmail contacts. Once installed simply open an email from any contact and all sorts of information about them will instantly load on the side bar. This will show you different social media accounts they are connected to, as well as pictures and a...

7 Gmail Productivity Apps and Plugins



Passionate Information Technology Customer Support Specialist Student at Milwaukee Area Technical College
Motivated and determined Information Technology Customer Support student with an anticipated graduation date of Spring 2018.
Remember when it was exciting to receive an email?  Today, this is not the case.  Even though emails remain a top form of communication, it is easy to become overwhelmed with spam, social media alerts, news of blogs, email marketing, and a variety of other distractions.  It is time to get your email organized.  Gmail is the most common and favorite email services (if you have not notice, that’s the one MATC uses in connection with your student account, i.e.  Many of us complain that our inboxes are too full and that responding to email is too time-consuming, but several tools are available that will streamline your email experience.  Here is a list of 7 plugin which will make your inbox a friendlier place to visit: BOOMERANG.  With Boomerang, you can compose emails on Saturday night and let the app send it out Monday morning–or whenever else you desire. This is also a great tool if you have contacts in different time zones, because you can make sure your email is sent at a time that’s most convenient for them. Boomerang also has an option that reminds you to follow up if you don’t hear back from the recipient within a designated amount of time. The app works with Gmail and Outlook. MXHERO.  mxHero a lets you know if your email was opened, tracks which links are clicked, and allows you to see if attachments were viewed. Plus you can schedule message sending. FOLLOWUP.CC.  If you’re anything like me, you receive thousands of emails every month. For this reason, it’s not always easy to remain organized and ensure...