Making Travel Planning and Arrangements for the business trip from Milwaukee to Tokyo – Japan

We all dream about traveling for business. Now the moment is here and you are wondering where to start. Well, first of all, you should take care of your travel documents. Everything else won’t be possible if you show up at the airport without your passport. Issuance of a passport is a process. You have to gather all the paperwork needed and it might take a while. First of all, you will need to fill out the form DS-11. Also, there are all the instructions how to do that for the first time and if you are just renewing the passport, fee calculator and FAQ section. Besides the form, you need to present your US birth certificate or Naturalization Certificate, proof of identity such as the expired/expiring passport, naturalization certificate, which you already have, but just to make sure I would take current valid driver’s license with me.  Two passport photographs, 2×2 inches, have to be made prior to applying, and just in one hour, you can have them done at Walmart, Walgreens, FedEx office, or small photography studios. As everything else, the passport has to be paid for. There is the application fee of $ 97 total, but it contains three different fees, and one of them is the execution fee that is paid to the facility where you are applying. Check whether it is possible to combine all the fees in one payment or not and what forms of payment are acceptable because they vary. There is the option to pay for expedited service of $ 60 to get your passport as soon as possible, but if you...

How to Prepare for a Job Application and pass a Skills Test for an Interview in the IT Industry

Neihous Rudolph

Neihous Rudolph

Heavy,Medium,light Auto & Equipment Technician at Milwaukee County Fleet Management
Neihous Rudolph
We all want to be able to write a great cover letter and resume to get a valuable position in the IT field. However, that is not the only area you will need to prepare for. You will need to decide just what type of IT job you want or are qualified for. To find out what opportunity best suits you, you should take a skill or aptitude test to identify where your skills are strong and what you need to work on. Then you can research job postings and using contacts with people in the field, understand what certifications, training, or technical diplomas would likely be needed for the respective job. I would stress the importance of researching the company that is posting a position. You can learn a lot from a public profile of a company. You can also learn about what that company’s direction is, and how your skills can best help them move forward with success. Researching a company may be critical to gaining an interview. The information you can learn will help you prepare for an interview when you get it. Your research helps you to create questions on the company’s culture, dynamics, directions, or products being developed. First, prepare a rough draft or outline of a cover letter and resume for the position you settled on pursuing based upon certifications and skills you have. You will be able to critique your resume and cover letter later. For now, you should prepare yourself by taking a sample aptitude, or skills test, and try to practice questions that may be asked in an interview. You...

How to write quality resume and cover letter

Barreto Iris

Barreto Iris

My name is Iris Barreto (aka Sister Iris Marie). I am a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary getting updated and learning about the world of IT. I began my studies at MATC in the Fall of 2016. Studying the IT Support Specialist program, I hope to be a great asset to my community and to the Schoenstatt Movement.
Barreto Iris
Resume and cover letter

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