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Microsoft Windows 10: Key Differences Between Edge and Internet Explorer Browsers

Internet Explorer 11 VS Microsoft Edge: User Interface The visual difference between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 isn’t all that much. There hasn’t been a vast overhaul of the UI, or any drastic changes to the page layouts, and even the logo is similar. Instead, Edge features a host of minor tweaks that somehow add up to something much more impressive than IE. The interface is much more minimalist, with the navigation buttons reduced to their bare minimum. The whole experience feels sleeker and more streamlined than IE’s indefinably clunky navigation. It’s a much more pleasant browser to use, and on a par with the aesthetically gorgeous Chrome. Internet Explorer 11 VS Microsoft Edge: Features Microsoft’s venerable browser is not exactly renowned for its additional functionality. The company has taken steps to remedy this with Edge, and the new browser features a host of new applications. Most interesting of these is the annotation feature. A button at the top places a OneNote style overlay onto the current web page, allowing users to add text boxes, handwritten notes or drawings, highlight sections and copy areas of the page. These can then be shared via various channels or saved to OneNote for future reference. At present, the sharing options are limited, but expect these to increase as Windows 10 matures. It’s a surprisingly useful feature, and one that will prove invaluable to students or those that do high levels of internet research. Also present is a Pocket-style Reading List function. Any web page can be saved to a separate list from within Edge, to be read at your leisure, as...

Microsoft Windows 10 Fall 2017 Creator Update: Ransomware Protection

There have been many new features that have been introduced with the new 2017 Windows Creator Update. Some features pertain to social aspects, others are for creativity, but Microsoft has also mentioned that it had hardened security, and add protection against ransomware in the new 2017 Fall Creator Update.  This new feature is called the “controlled folder access” feature. This feature prevents suspicious applications from changing the contents of selected protected folders. The main goal is to safeguard data from any ransomware infections that manage to get by third-party antivirus software. In order to activate the feature, you have to enable it through the Windows Defender Security Center App. You can access it by opening the virus and threat protection screen within Defender. From here, the user can switch on the controlled folder access option to make the feature active. Enterprise users, and administrators, can also be activate the feature through PowerShell, Group Policy, and MDM configurations. When the feature is active, essential directories such as the documents folder, are locked off from any malicious application that wants to encrypt files to hold them ransom, or even destroy them. By default, the usual folders such as Documents, Pictures, and Videos, folders will be protected by the controlled folder access feature, but it is not just limited to these folders. Other folders besides the document’s folder can also be protected using this feature. Microsoft explained, ” This feature protects your files from tampering, in real-time, by locking folders so that ransomware and other unauthorized apps can’t access them. It’s like putting your crown jewels in  a safe whose key only you...

New features of Windows 10: Fall Creator update and what did I learn as IT Student at MATC

Gregory Trapp

IT Support Student at Milwaukee Area Technical College
IT Student excited about a new career
The Windows 10 Fall Creator update has a many new features that are exciting! A few of these updates include: My People, voice activated power commands to Cortana, updates to Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Store updates, Security, and Game mode. There are a couple other updates not listed, but these are the updates we will be discussing today. My People is an update that was added and you can now pin your top people in the taskbar for a quick one click access to those people. You can tap on your pinned contact and send an email or chat with them without having to open any of the apps you normally would. This is very important and helpful for IT users because now if you need to contact someone, you can do it in an easier way, especially those people you contact often. Using My People you can also drag an item you wish to share onto that saved contact. This will be useful when needing to send instructions or a Youtube video link. Another exciting new feature is that Cortana can now be voice activated. You can now reach her above the lock screen, and you can ask Cortana to shut down, restart, or sleep your computer. This will help IT users multitask, which we already know is a very important part of IT. Microsoft Edge received a bunch of updates! For those that enjoy reading, or for students, you can now annotate your books in Microsoft Edge. This is going to be huge for students because many  students are now buying E books because they are usually cheaper...