How to create professional resume and cover letter for IT Computer Support Job

So you don’t have experience in IT yet and you want to land an IT job. A classic resume won’t do you any favors. The classic chronological resume is great for some seasoned professional who has been in the industry for years. That person should be able to flaunt examples of their personal knowledge of systems, networks, and all associated technologies. A hiring manager is going to read hundreds of these resumes. If you’re fresh out of class or still in the thick of it, your chronological resume might not stand out much. What you need is the functional resume. This functional resume style will help you to stand out and be a fresh face that a hiring manager might need to see. The functional resume focuses on the less substantial things like education, soft skills, and ambition. You still want to add some work experience to the functional resume, if you have it. Hiring managers like to know if, and when you’ve been working. Gaps in employment could furrow brows even after your shiny new objective section just blew their hiring socks off. Functional Resume To-Do List Gather your key information – Keep your work experience dates and addresses in a separate file. Backup this file to a few different drives. You need to have accurate records of your work experience, and you’ll reference them often. You’ll rest easy knowing you have this tedious stuff saved somewhere. Gather your key words – Flip through your textbooks and copy down plenty of industry keywords. These will be needed to have your glistening, pristine functional resume picked up by all...

Important Tools Required For Smartphone or Tablet Repair

First, you will need to know the entire set of tools and/or tool kit you need to have to fix phones and tablets. Without a proper set of tools you will not be able to open and then fix the handset. Also it is important to buy tools of good quality. Tools Needed: Opening tools Screw drivers: This is the first thing you will need to open/ dismantle a cell phone. Screw drivers are of many types. The most common ones used are a Phillips screw driver whose head is of plus (+) shape. The pentalobe screw drive is also needed to dismantle iPhones. The other most common one used is the one with a star shaped head called torx. In torx type, the T6 is the most common size thats used. These screw drivers are of various sizes depending on the size of their head. Its best to buy the entire set, which will contain all types of screw drivers used for opening handsets. Openers: Openers are used to open the housing/casing as it is locked. They come in various shapes and you can use the recommended or the most convenient ones. Tweezers: Tweezers are needed to hold or lift electronic components and whenever needed to hold any other spare part.   Cleaning and servicing tools IPA: The recommended cleaning solutions for mobile phone’s printed circuit board (PCB) are IPA (Iso Propyl Alcohol) or circuit cleaner. You can also use spirit or thinner. The main job of these liquids is to clean the PCB and then evaporate immediately. Brush: The brush is used to remove and clean any dirt or dust inside the...

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for IT Jobs in Milwaukee Area

The job search isn’t exactly the reason we’re students. However, it is something we will probably struggle through. There is plenty of advice for topics like choosing a school, choosing a major, or nailing an interview. When it comes to the job search, it can seem like we’re out there alone. There are obvious things to help the job search, but we could be doing some things wrong without knowing. Here are 7 mistakes to avoid while searching for a great IT job in the Milwaukee Metro Area. 1. Clean up your online image. This is increasingly important and the first thing you should do before getting too deep in the job hunt. Have friends or family run some searches on you. If there are even slightly silly or embarrassing results, employers could be passing on your resume without giving you a chance. Just like all important issues, you want to bury the hurtful things deep, down inside the internet. Honestly, the inappropriate stuff may not be a deal breaker. You just want the good results at the top of the list. 2. Look past the internet. There’s a lot that comes with this topic. You want to utilize everything you can to get your hands on job openings. Check career centers at schools, and not just the school you’re enrolled in. There are staff members in school that are only there to find jobs for students. This is directly linked to networking. The more people you talk to the better. Check out local networking groups like HDI. 3. Use all the right keywords in search fields. If you’re...

Upgrade Office Computers to the Latest Windows Operating System

As new technology comes out, people and businesses usually need to evolve to keep up with technology. Keeping your business’ technology up to date is crucial to keep things running smoothly. For example, when an operating system becomes outdated, it might not have supported features anymore. Even worse, it might not even be supported at all once it is out of date. Do not let the risk of an outdated operating system affect your company. Come up with a plan to keep current with technology, and keep your business running fluidly. If you want to upgrade the computer operating system for your company, it is best to come up with a plan. Also, good communication is crucial to keeping a project on track. A project team is needed to start making initial plans and to review any questions. Some of those questions may be regarding what newest operating system is best, and what would be the cost. If your company decides to upgrade to the next version of the current operating system, you would need to review the requirements needed to run the newest version. Then you would need to compare those requirements with your company’s current computers. Some questions you might ask are: Are the computers powerful enough to run the newest operating system? How many computers does the company currently own? When will we be able to do the upgrade? Who will be affected by the upgrade? Will we have to have a training session for our employees to understand how the new system works? Next, the project team manager would communicate with all stakeholders and decide...

How to use Microsoft Excel to protect a workbook

Sabrina Tolley

Sabrina Tolley

IMSD Service Desk Technician/DeskTop Support at Stratagem/Milw Cnty
I provide support for all types of client technology including Desktop computers, Phones, and Laptops.

Having served in Information Technology for the past 15+ years as a Desktop/Help Desk Support Specialist, with continued success in obtaining my Associates Degree in Networking Administration/Service Desk Program as of January 2016.
Sabrina Tolley
You can require a password to open it, a password to change data, and a password for changing the file’s structure by adding, deleting, or hiding worksheets. You can also set a password in Backstage view that encrypts your workbook. Warning: Keep your password in a safe place. If you lose or forget the password, it can’t be recovered. Start with requiring passwords for opening the file and changing data. Click File > Save As. Click a location, such as Computer or your My Site web page. Click a folder, such as Documents or one of the folders on your OneDrive, or click Browse. In the Save As dialog box, go to the folder you want to use, then open the Tools list and click General Options. Enter your password, and then click OK. Enter the same password to confirm, and click OK again. Note: To remove a password, follow the steps above and delete the password. Basically, just enter a blank password. You can do that for any type of password that you use in Excel. You can enter either of two passwords here, one to open the file, another to change the file. Important: Write your passwords down and store them someplace safe. To protect the structure of your workbook, do this: Click Review > Protect Workbook. Click Structure. Enter a password in the Password box.   Important: Write your password down and store it someplace safe. Click OK, and retype the password to confirm it.     Notes:   If you enter the same password for opening and changing a workbook, users only need to enter the password once. If...

Student Testimonials: Why did I pick IT Computer Support Program from MATC for my education

Vadim Mikhailenko

Vadim Mikhailenko

MATC IT Computer Support Program Instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical College
Vadim is a pasionate IT instructor with 20 years of experience. He loves sharing his knowledge and makes students his top priority.
Vadim Mikhailenko
Below is the feedback students have shared with us on why did they pick  IT Computer Support Program at Milwaukee Area Technical College for their IT education and how it helped them to transform their lives for the better:   I very much enjoyed my time at Milwaukee Area Technical College and specifically all the courses I took in the IT Support Program. The IT Support program is structured well, so every semester you are working toward a goal of a certifcates. It’s a great idea. I found that every time I needed help the instructor’s were knowledgeable and willing to work with me. I had a course cancelled on me right before the start of the semester and 3 instructor’s helped me get enrolled last minute. I would recommend this program to anyone who is smart with technology and wants to persue a job in IT.   Kyle E (May 2016)   When I started on this path in IT, I knew nothing. What I did know was that I was ready for something new. I spent many sleepless nights wondering if I made the right chose. Now that I am near the end, I think I have. MATC is a great place to start. The courses are quite challenging but, relates to the real world. I have learned soooo much and I feel that I am prepared for the next step. The only thing I would recommend changing or adding is a mock call center setup for the final semester. I feel with this, each student can get the ” real world” learning experience. And as for...