Windows 10: Difference between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Browsers

Angelica Seda

Angelica Seda

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Angelica Seda
Microsoft Edge became the new updated browser about for Windows newest updated operating system Windows 10 replacing Internet Explorers browser about 2 years ago. The new browser was said to be named Project Spartan however due to its rendering engine it was called Microsoft Edge, the engine for edge is EdgeHTML. Microsoft edge engine was developed from scratch. Even though Edge is a small app it has powerful features that are huge. Microsoft edge is much faster than Internet Explorers browser, Internet Explorer had an older engine(Trident) that was slowly loading pages. It is said that Microsoft Edge promises more security, better, and faster loading than Internet Explorer for personal and business use. Blocking third-party cookies is possible in both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, however only Internet Explorer allows whitelisting sites from the location in where you want to accept cookies. Internet Explorer has more user control customizing options than Microsoft Edge. You have to use internet options in Control Panel in order to prohibit sites and add restrictions. If you are utilizing Microsoft Edge you have to allow all sites to store cookies or block all third party cookies at this time until Microsoft Edge is updated to control these options further. Until then you may use a third-party program to restrict usage from some sites. Going with “Open DNS” is the best way to go setting up restricted sites. Open DNS is a cloud based service program providing protection against phishing attempts also providing faster internet browsing. Microsoft Edge is said to be better on security, protecting us from phishing sites plus more. Microsoft Edge has...

Windows 10: Fall 2017 Creator Windows Update New Features

This fall update for windows is pretty useful and cool and fun to use. This update will help IT student be more creative and give them more to work with when presenting. One of the best features is the virtual reality update you can use VR equipment in the Microsoft store for games and videos. The most useful is being able to share data with multiple devices quick and easy. You can quickly send Website links, articles, and searches from your phone to your computer or computer to your phone. This can be useful if the website is running slow on your phone so you send it to your computer which is more powerful so it will run better. You can also send articles so if you are reading one on your phone and the screen is too small so you send it to your computer and you will have a bigger display. You could be doing a research project and you have a lot running on your computer because being an IT student you will have a lot of programs running, so you can now put websites on your phone so you use less of your RAM. Another new feature is being able to pin your favorite contacts to your task bar. So now you can quick send an email to a friend or a group when you are working on a group project for an IT class. Since being an IT student you will be using a lot of programs it is nice to just be able to go to your task bar and access your important contacts, while working on home work or projects. With this update you can...

New features of Windows 10: Fall Creator update and what did I learn as IT Student at MATC

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The Windows 10 Fall Creator update has a many new features that are exciting! A few of these updates include: My People, voice activated power commands to Cortana, updates to Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Store updates, Security, and Game mode. There are a couple other updates not listed, but these are the updates we will be discussing today. My People is an update that was added and you can now pin your top people in the taskbar for a quick one click access to those people. You can tap on your pinned contact and send an email or chat with them without having to open any of the apps you normally would. This is very important and helpful for IT users because now if you need to contact someone, you can do it in an easier way, especially those people you contact often. Using My People you can also drag an item you wish to share onto that saved contact. This will be useful when needing to send instructions or a Youtube video link. Another exciting new feature is that Cortana can now be voice activated. You can now reach her above the lock screen, and you can ask Cortana to shut down, restart, or sleep your computer. This will help IT users multitask, which we already know is a very important part of IT. Microsoft Edge received a bunch of updates! For those that enjoy reading, or for students, you can now annotate your books in Microsoft Edge. This is going to be huge for students because many  students are now buying E books because they are usually cheaper...

Windows 10: Microsoft Fall Creator Update – New Productivity Improvements



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Fall Creator Update:  New Windows 10 Productivity Improvements Windows 10 is celebrating its fall anniversary by releasing a series of awesome updates which are fun and creative!  The Fall Creators Update can be experienced on many difference Windows 10 PCs and will delivering faster broadcasting for gaming, reinventing your photo to demonstrate videos into real memories, and viewing a mixed reality 3D screen, and much, much more! Windows 10 will notify you when the Fall Creators Update is available for your device. At that time, you get to choose the date and time that convenient for you to update your device.  After installation, your device will begin running Windows 10, version 1709. To see which version of Windows 10 your device is currently running: select the Start button, then select Settings > System > About. Cannot wait until Windows notify you for update availability, then go to the Microsoft software download website and select Update now to begin installation. Before doing this, you’ll need to make sure your device is up to date: Select the Start button, then select Settings > Update & security > Windows Update. select Check for updates. If updates are available, install the (NOTE:  All devices are  not equipped for updates, refer to knowledge-based article at the end writing to check for your eligibility). If you are look to become more efficient at school or work, take a look at “10” of the latest productivity improvements released through the Windows 10’s fall update: Recover files in Windows 10 with File History: This powerful feature saves multiple versions of your files just in case something inadvertent...

New Features in Microsoft Windows 10

New Features in Windows 10   Windows 10 has begun rolling out it’s newest update called the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. If you already have Windows 10, the update will be automatically sent when it is ready, or for those of you who can’t wait for the latest and greatest, you can get the update manually by going to the Microsoft Windows 10 site. Simply click “update now” to proceed.   Following are just some of the exciting new features offered in the update: Photos App- With this updated version, you can easily create photo albums with your photos as well as automatically create video clips with your pictures. You can add 3D images, adjust text and add music to your photo albums with just the touch of a button. The Remix button lets you experiment with different themes and special effects until you have just what you were looking for! Mixed Reality Viewer- This update lets you experience a great mixture of the real world blended with the digital world. You can even access your email, work related documents, and articles while toggling between work and play. This feature lets you watch TV and movies, play games, or just browse the web in a whole new 3D environment. Best of all, the mixed reality headset and package needed to bring this feature to life can easily be set up and ready to use in less than 10 minutes. My People- This new Windows 10 update allows for quick and easy access to the people you communicate with the most. After you pin your top contacts, all it...

Windows 10 Productivity Improvements

Cortana Cortana is what Microsoft calls a digital agent. What is a “digital agent”? It’s one of the first things that a new Windows 10 user will experience. I was hoping for James Bond’s computer construct counterpart meets Hackerman from Fung Fury, but technology is not quite there yet. The Cortana software is really an interface to other features of the Windows 10 operating system. If the PC is setup with a microphone and the correct settings, you can talk to it. This has the same functionality as typing in the taskbar. Users will need to click the microphone icon in the taskbar to make her “listen”. Cortana can handle reminders and timers with ease. It can even send emails, manage lists, and calendars. My favorite feature is that it can open apps for you. This digital agent feature is exciting because it seems like budding artificial intelligence technology. I hope I’m around someday when new operating systems only function through microphones and AI. Set These Tabs Aside – Edge Browser I can see you rolling your eyes already. Microsoft’s web browsers are the Nickelbacks of computer technology, everyone’s punching bag. Other, more popular web browsers don’t come with a feature like this. There are extensions available, but those are not always the smoothest apps. Tabs can add up in a hurry. They’re not always relevant but it can be a heartbreaker if we lose them. Users can keep their tabs for later browsing and clear the row of tabs for an uncluttered page with this feature. Simply click the icon when you’re ready to manage the tabs. Multiple...