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  1. Windows Store – download applications securely

The windows store had a rocky start and a lot of the modules were not working and the store would always air out. Since then Microsoft has made many improvements in the windows store. Some of the features of the windows store include; user account settings, applications not limited to games, device management, and the ability to send gift cards. The device management allows you to view the devices your account is connected to and give you the option to view which applications you downloaded on each device. Through the store you may also view your regular Microsoft profile.


  1. Start Menu for desktop users is back

The start menu has came back with a brand new look but still familiar to the old version. In the new start menu you can scroll and view all of the applications instead of going into an all programs folder to see different applications. They added a few new and useful features integrated with the start menu. One of those is the pin, more, or uninstall option when you right click on an application. The pin option will allow you to pin the application right the task bar. The more option will give you settings for the application and the properties. The uninstall option is pretty self explanatory. The start menu now comes with live tiles. These are applications that are active or interactive with your accounts. You can change the view of these and select which live tiles you want to view and which ones you don’t want to view. The search tab works virtually the same as it used to in older versions.


  1. New Microsoft Edge browser – what are the benefits for end users

The Microsoft Edge browser has been given a bit of a makeover from past versions of the internet explorer browser. It has been called the most accessible browser yet. The reason being that there has been a bunch of bug fixes. What that means is it has been given an all new HTML5 accessibility. You can now have different pinned websites. This means if you have favorite websites, for easy access you can pin it and when you open the browser all the sites will be icons at the top of the screen. A little bit of a time saver has been integrated into the address bar which is, if you copy a website address, in the address bar you can right click on it and select paste and go. That will take you directly to the website instead of pasting it and pressing enter. The “Ask Cortana” feature can be fairly interesting. This is a feature that will allow you to know more information about an image on the web by right clicking on it and selecting “Ask Cortana”. The web browser is supposed to updated to be more compatible with your favorite sites.


  1. Virtual desktops and tasks view

Windows 10 has integrated the multi-desktops view which is the icon right next to the Cortana search bar. If you feel the desktop you are working on is becoming cluttered or over packed with tasks, simply open a new one by pressing the icon and in the bottom right corner select new desktop. When you press the button the top view will be of the current desktop you are working on and the bottom view will be the different desktops you have open, you can easily navigate between the desktops simply by clicking them.


  1. Central notification Center – how can you benefit

The notification center can be very helpful for you. It displays everything that is happening with your computer. That includes; Bluetooth connection, internet connection, shortcuts to applications, shortcut to your settings, and any update and errors that occur. The notification center will allow you to connect to WIFI or Bluetooth faster than actually going into your connection settings and changing them that way. This can be very time consuming with the different shortcut applications. Also the errors, updates, and anything that needs your attention will be displayed here so you don’t miss anything important.


  1. Windows Ink – improved stylus support


This feature is great for 2-in-1 devices or devices with a touch screen and you are able to get and use a stylus for. Even if you don’t have a stylus or touchscreen you can use the mouse. What this improved support is, is that the calibration with the stylus is a lot better this time around. That means whether you’re; leaving a note, drawing on a picture, highlighting, filling out graphs, etc.. the stylus will actually mark where you put it with no delay. This will save on headaches and frustration when using it.

By: Jordan Smith