Now this could be a big opportunity for the company to increase their revenue.  By deploying the latest Samsung tablet to every employee, it is a big job, but is possible.  We are going to go through some topics to help kick start this project.  First, you need to know how many people you are working with and how to get the tablet to them.  Next, how much tablets you are going to order for budget costs.  Third, teaching every employee how to operate the tablet and use it for business purposes.  Lastly, little things to plan out after the deployment.


The Company

Let’s assume that we are working with 57 employees who needs the tablet for daily use.  I would prefer to order 57 plus 10 more just in case a tablet breaks or malfunctions in the future.  By doing this, you can replace the broken tablet with a new tablet for the staff to use temporary.  In the meantime, you can repair the tablet if you have the skills to.  If the screen breaks, it can be easily replaced, but can take a couple of days to order and repair it.  After that, the employee can have their tablet back and resume back to where they left off.


The Budget

Each tablet costs around $170 with a front cover.  The total would be around $12k which can be pricey, but you must lose some to win some.  Samsung also is a well-respected company which produces reliable devices for the world.  This tablet will last at least 2 years before the newest hot products hit the shelves.


How to operate the tablet

When receiving the tablets, you and some other technicians must start up and test every single tablet.  If something goes wrong, you can catch the issue and hopefully replace it.  I would usually put the tablet through a stress test to see if it is capable of handling heavy usage.  The latest android is 7.0 nougat, but 6.0 version is also good for the most part.  7.0 is better for security and better performance.  Most employees should be able to use the tablet with minimal effort because they have adapted to the technology.  For those who are unexperienced, prepare a slideshow for the whole company so they will have a general idea of how to use it.  Go through every step of how to process every basic function.  It is the next level of computing, but better.  First step, starting up the tablet and logging in with an email.  Each employee can choose which email to use with the tablet, but I personally use gmail.  Next, what apps are required to use with tablet.  In this case, MS office and other business apps are allowed.  After, show how to use the tablet for business purposes such as opening documents.  Review and editing slides for presentation would be a nice addition.  Keep in mind that the tablet is not supposed to replace all your computing devices, but it is as powerful as a computer and more portable.  When going to a meeting, everyone whips out a tablet and start making progress.



The tablet maybe beautiful and all, but that does not mean that it will work all the time.  The tablet may not last throughout the entire day so each employee is required to have a charger by them.  The charger is provided with the tablet which can also charge any other android device.  When employees struggle to use the tablet, you must be prepared to help them through every step on what to do.  With lack of knowledge, workers may have the tendency to be careless of their tablet.  The tablet could be dropped many times, but finally have a hardware issue and needs to be replaced.  This is also a perfect time to fix and gain experience from it.



Come to think of it, tablets are useful in their own ways.  It may not be as productive as a computer, but the tablet has its advantages as well.  It really is amazing how far technology has gotten.  You are carrying a computer the size of a notebook and it is only getting better.  I believe a company that uses tablets are growing because they are communicating faster and better.  As a startup project, this will take time to get used to, but practice makes perfect.  Just remember that you are not going through this alone.  There are many people on this project who will help you along the way and sort it out.  When you work as a team, you can accomplish more than you expect.

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