After being informed that a medium size company would like our company to provide the technical upgrades to their company they have asked us to provide the company with new android tablets. Now this is a medium size company in which there are a total of 600 employees working within the company.  The company feels that tablets are cost effective and would like employees to have it with them rather than having laptops. They requested that the tablets are the latest model out there and that it replaces the need for laptops, tracking information of the tablet, applications installed in the device i.e. “Microsoft word, excel, power point, ect”.  As well they would like to have email configuration and support users on standby.


Now after gathering all the information that the company would need to have a much more efficient company and rely on tablet use. The first goal that should be taken on is finding a tablet that is affordable that the company can buy 600 of them but as well the tablet can be better than a laptop or desktop.  The specifications I would look for in a tablet for a company is that the processor must be an intel processor with the minimal of 4GbB of ram and with a hard drive space of 30 – 60 GB.  Battery life must last at least 6-9 hours. Now that the recommended specifications have been listed, now we will look 3 tablets that are the latest out there in the market in which the company will invest on.


The first tablet is a “CHUWI Hi10 Plus windows 10” tablet in which it will have windows 10 already installed in the device and the specifications are that the operating system will have windows 10, the cpu is a “Intel Z8350” and the GPU “Intel graphics” and it’s running on “quad core, 1.44GHz” , storage is “4GB RAM = 64GB ROM”, with an external memory which accepts TF card that can go up to 128GB, as well it has other peripheral such as TF card, Type-C, micro USB, micro hdmi, headphone jack, docking interface, ect.  Overall this is a great tablet it covers everything that was listed as must haves on a tablet and it already comes with windows 10 and the specifications are good. As well this tablet will have a pen and keyboard included. The cost for this tablet is $200.00 on amazon. In which this is a cheap and buying 600 of these tablets will only cost a total of $120,000.00 which may seem a lot but in the long run the company would not need to upgrade for a couple of years.  Overall I consider this a great option to have the company buy the tablets but we will see the other two options we are considering for tablets.

The next tablet that the company can invest into is the Microsoft surface pro 3. The surface pro will have windows 8 built in and it will not have a keyboard or pen available out of the box. That would require a separate purchase in which would cost $98.99. When you see the retail price for the tablet which is $500.00 and plus the $98.99 you can see that the cost of getting this product is very high. The spec is great on the tablet which the tablet has an intel core i5 with 8 gigs of ram, battery life that will last for 9 hours as will windows 8.1 already installed on the tablet. Overall this is a very solid tablet and it can rival that of a laptop. Which is great because that would replace the need for laptops but the only down side I see with the investment of this tablet is its excessive cost.


For the final tablet, it is a Fusion5 with windows 10. This tablet does not include a keyboard or pen which is a separate purchase, but the cost of a keyboard/carrying case is low as there is the nacitech keyboard case combo which is going for $14.99 which is a solid deal as you get a case and keyboard together.  As far as specifications the fusion 5 is running on windows 10 as well it has an intel processor as well with 2 GBs of ram and a hard drive space of 32 GBs. I left this one for last as this would be the last resort tablet that the company could invest in as the tablet it good and cheap only that it’s lacking in specs in which I find that the most important feature on investing on tech.  It already has windows 10 installed and the processor is an intel Z8350 with an intel graphics gpu and a quad core processor. As well with a keyboard included the tablet is a steal and for the price of $200.00 dollars I would say to the company that this is the tablet that they will buy.

Overall out of the three tablets I would tell the company to invest CHUWI Hi10 Plus windows 10 as it’s great tablet and overall it covers all the specs that I would recommend as an alternative to a laptop. Now that the tablet is covered we will cover on the next topic which is a form of tracking and having an inventory of all 600 tablets and the necessary applications that are needed for the company to use.


The applications that will be installed in all 600 tablets are Microsoft office essentials, beekeeper, gmail, chrome/firefox. These four applications will be in use for the company as Microsoft office essentials is a must have as it includes Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, etc.  Beekeeper is a program in which allows employees gain access to the company network while away from work as some employees travel and this is a great application to use while away from the company. Gmail is necessary as that will be the main use for communication for all employees in which all employees will have a gmail account created for them by the IT team and email will be connected to outlook on their assigned tablet. Firefox/chrome will be implemented into each tablet where the user can use to surf through the web but the user will not have access to download anything from the tablet.

Upgrades are necessary when dealing with an electronic when it’s a personal computer, tablet, laptop, mobile device, ect.  When managing tablets for 600 individuals in a company in which they and take with them is a challenge in which the company feels that there should be a team in which once a month in one week the team will update all 600 tablets with the most up to date firmware. Now this may seem unnecessary but there are a lot of individuals in which they are not tech savvy and they won’t know how to update a mobile device. Of course, the employees will drop off the tablets in the IT room or to HR and from there the employees from the IT department will pick up the tablets let’s say the first 100 tablets from there the employees will start with the updating process and once the 100 tablets are completed the HR will inform the owners of the tablet to pick up the tablet. The process should only take 5-6 hours in which the owners of the tablet will get the tablet back before the end of their shift. I believe it will only take one week and a total of 30-40 hours to update 600 tablets in which that shouldn’t impede any work flow in the company.  This process will happen once a month on the third week on a Tuesday as that is when updates are rolled out on all electronic devices. That would be the best day to do updates as Tuesdays are when updates are rolled out and Tuesdays are the least busy day during the week.


The final task is setting up the emails for the tablets, and configuring other devices on the tablet such as printers, projects, ect. When setting up the emails on the tablets the quickest way to set that up is configuration with Microsoft outlook. Once Microsoft essentials is installed on the tablet the company employee will place the email and configure the email application where that employee will receive work emails. As for configuring the printer what needs to be done is to get to settings and from there you will see a tab name “add devices and printers”.  From there you will have to know your printer name and the password to your printer. After setting up your printer on your tablet you will be able to print from that tablet to that one printer. If you wanted to add another printer on your tablet you would have to repeat the same process. Over all this process should only take about one week with a total of 30 hours. Overall this is how everything will be set up in setting up the tablets in the company. This project should take about a month and 2 weeks and with these improvements the company will have an improved workflow.


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