In the computer industry whether you like Apple – IBM – Compac – Dell – Hewlett Packard. Each maker needs to come out with system updates ever so often for lots of reasons. Users ease to navigate or user friendly fixes, Security, increased speed of processing, etc. Apple Computers does not use a multi-platform update software they create their own updates that you need to download and upgrade to. Such as El Capitan, Snow Leopard, etc. IBM, Hewlett Packard, Compac and others use Microsoft Product base. Such as Windows – XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Windows 7 over time has become a pretty solid system. That is both my opinion and lots of other users who have made comments on YouTube videos, and chat sites that I have seen. A lot of people don’t want to be forced to change but that is what Microsoft is forcing by not creating updates any further for the Windows 7 platform. They are now investing their time in Windows 10. At Milwaukee Area Technical College all of the PC’s have been upgraded to Windows 10. Which has given me time to use the platform and see some of the differences from 7. Which there are many but I will only discuss a few here that most people will see. First of course is the changes in download or upgrade process. Telemetry reporting, Then the Start Menu or Start screen and the Run dialog box. Default Internet Search Engine-Web Browser Platforms, Changes in Desktop Gadgets and Monitors


First differences you will notice if you do your own upgrade or install. If you remember when first installing 7. The install process was pretty easy. Not a lot of unknown items popping up. The install screen asks for a disc or image to install from. Follow the install prompts enter the name of the PC, & the name of the Administrator. It installs and finishes up no big hassle. Now if you research on YouTube a little for the install of Windows 10. There are many videos to see. You need to watch for when it asks you for fast & easy install or custom install. Select custom. There are a lot more questions than in the Win 7 install mainly dealing with what is called Telemetry which is a name given to software programs that report to Businesses about problems or reference data that they profile on you as a user. Now this isn’t terrible but what you don’t realize is that when these programs are reporting they use band width. It won’t be huge amounts but we all pay for this from services like ATT, Hughes NET, etc. And depending on your purchase agreement you may go over your allowed limit of data transmission incurring fees from the vender. Also, if you are doing homework or streaming videos you may not want other programs sending data without your knowledge causing a bandwidth battle if you are doing something important.

For the second item the Windows start button, menu, or screen. When you click on the start button the start menu comes up. In Windows 7 you get a box like this.

You can see in the big white rectangle a list of all of the programs that have recently been used. You can change how many are remembered if you need to. At the bottom of the white box you can see in grey italic writing Search programs and files. This is what is known as the Run box. Type in there & any files or programs with that word or words will come up pick the file or program you are searching for.

In Windows 10 the start screen looks like this. Now you will notice there is no Run box to select or type in. that is because the whole start menu here is considered live which means if you start typing any file or program with the words you typed will come up in a list. When you see the file or program you are looking for select it.

 Another somewhat simple difference is the default Web Browser. In Windows 7 the default is Internet Explorer 8 then 11, which was also the default for Windows 8. Which looks like this.

On the Windows 10 platform the default is new & called Microsoft Edge. This new browser has a new style search engine which should be more reliable than 7 for searching specific titles. Which looks like this.

However, there is no support right now for plugins & extensions in Windows 10 like there is in 7.  But windows 7 allowed desk top gadgets like clocks, calendars, PCU meters, etc. like these below.


This allows you to use a Weather Gadget to give climate info at a glance or a big clock for easy time reference.

Windows 10 does not allow this but it does have what they call live tiles which you will have seen in windows 8. Live tiles are just that some do have constantly changing info. You will see certain tiles change if you watch for them.

This concludes this comparison of Windows 7 to Windows 10.



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Diferences Between Windows 7 to Windows 10
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