Windows 7 and Windows 10 are my favorite Operating Systems to use on my desktop. They are very useful and user friendly. I'm so familiar with the layout that I can you my desktop with my eyes clothes. But these two Operating Systems are very popular and are made by Microsoft. Microsoft has created may Operating Systems but Windows 7 an 10 are the latest versions of their brand. Microsoft has been very innovation and looks towards the future with their products and by reading this article ( it shows that still continue to be that way. That is one of the reasons between Windows 7 and Windows 10 is the direction that Microsoft is headed with Windows 10, which is they planned to use as a cloud base and service product. Reason for this is because Microsoft believes that in the future customers will likely access the product over the cloud especially will the sudden uprising of mobile devices. So Microsoft has planned to have Windows 10 be its last Operating System made but charge customers a subscription fee to have access to it. Also they plan to offer different apps, plug-ins, and etc… for sale to stay updated with the market. So with the evolution of mobile technology you have to adjust to it's progress or as a company you might find yourself not existing in the technology market anymore.

Windows 10 and Windows 7 have different ways on how they manage improved battery life. Windows 10 has a default setting where when the computer your using gets below a certain battery percentage it kicks into battery saver mode. Which adjusts background apps and notification so save as much battery as possible. It also has a tab in the battery category called “Battery Use” where it gives you percentages on what items are consuming the most of your battery power. So to save power you can make adjustments to those items that's causing your battery to be drained. These are a few of the managed battery functions that Windows 10 has that Windows 7 don't.

Windows 10 offers a cloud base that will be able to gain access to it over the cloud for devices that you prefer to use. Where as Windows 7 don't have that option so that is a reason why Windows 10 is son innovative. It allows you to be on the go and still have the ability to be used. They both have the capability to access Microsoft Office on the cloud to find documents and files that were created on other devices.

Windows 10 has a great innovative function that allows you to manage devices and make changes to them. By accessing them over Windows 10 and giving you the ability to monitor, configure, and upgrade them. Also giving you the option to give the proper maintenance to the mobile devices if need be so they can work properly. Furthermore giving you security options to the mobile devices giving them much need protection.

Windows 10 also gives you a option to provide you with a virtual personal assistant on your Operating System. That is controlled by your voice on command to the assistant. Which will provide and bring up functions at your request. So for example if you wanted to search google for a specific item, Cortana will use it's virtual assistant technology and bring up the browser with that item and its information. This function is very similar to the iPhone Sara ability but it's the Microsoft/Google version of it.

Another thing that differentiates from Windows 7 in the new and improved interface. That is updated and more align with mobile device as far as being touch screen if you have the proper computer. It gives the feel as if your on a mobile device by offering you different kinds of apps to access and use. The interface is very easy to use and download apps to. It's more clean and gives you a lot more capabilities to make your experience that much better.

Windows 10 offer many updated security features like Windows Defender and a new feature called virtualization based security. It offers you a different path from your computer that makes it's separates and harder to get access to which makes your virtual experience much more secure.

Both overall Windows 10 would always be my preference.






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