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When you’re submitting your job application:

  • Not responding appropriately to the job posting or following the directions.

    To make the best impression, demonstrate in your response that you understand what is included in the job description and have followed the directions. The job description may specify a particular way for applicants to respond or may include a question to be answered in the response, so pay close attention.

  • Applying indiscriminately:

    With your probability of landing a job increasing with the total number of jobs applied for. Select jobs that are a good match for your skills and experience, and choose employers who genuinely interest you.

  • Not proofreading:

    The lack of basic proofreading of submitted job documents still remains a significant factor in disqualifying applicants.

  • Ignoring social media

    Social media faux pas can clearly be embarrassing and may cost you job opportunities. So, paying attention to what Google, and Bing, say and or show about you is a good idea.


  • Selecting bad references

Nearly half of employers had a less favorable opinion of the job seeker after speaking with their references

  • While 80% of employers contacted the references provided by the job seeker, over half of those contacted did not have anything nice to say about the job seeker.
  • 29% of employers discovered that a reference was fake, while 15% of job seekers admitted to providing fake references.