Many different resources have proven to be helpful this far in creating a resume and cover letter for an IT Customer support job.  I have watched various videos, provided by my IT instructors here at MATC to help me along the way.  The first one, which can be found at:, explains how to use your resume to help land a job interview.  Another one:, explains how to create a simple resume in Microsoft Word, which is what I did.

I have also done numerous Google searches, at the direction of my instructors.  The main things I searched were along the lines of “Resume for IT Support Position” and “Resume with no relevant experience” since I do not have any experience in the field.

Specifically, what I found covered the different types of resumes.  This includes the Chronological resume, the functional resume, the combination resume, and the targeted resume. One website that provided me with a lot of valuable information is :  Specifically, it suggest how to go about creating a resume when you have no relevant work experience, which is probably the case for many of us students.

In this case, the website suggests to include a summary statement.  This is just a summary of who you are, and intends to grab the attention of the person in charge of the hiring.  A good one of these can be the difference in you getting an interview or not.  Since you might have limited or no experience, this site suggests that you highlight your skills and achievements, as well as your education and skills.  For example, if you have a high GPA or are involved in any volunteer activities, point this out in your resume.  Say what you need to say to stand out from others.

Adding a cover letter was also an effective tactic that I have learned as a result of my research since beginning the IT program here at MATC.  A cover letter is specific to the job you are applying for, and lets the employer know who you are, and why they should consider you for the job in question.  Again, an effective cover letter could be the difference in you getting an interview.  An ineffective cover letter could mean that your resume doesn’t even get looked at, meaning you were never even considered for the position.

Some tips I have learned for a cover letter are:  be specific, let the company know you know who they are, let them know why you want to work for them, and let them know why they should be interested in you. First, specifically mention the job you are seeking out.  Then, let them know a little about who you are, what you are doing with yourself, and how that all fits in with what they are looking for.  Finally, conclude and recap everything you have just said, and thank them for their time and consideration.

I did notice, that it is somewhat intimidating creating a resume for a specific job without having any experience.  I did learn, however, that if you do have experience in the field, to highlight any and all relevant experience in your resume.  This seems obvious, but it is worth mentioning.

The format I thought would work best, for my current situation, is the functional resume.  I say this because it highlights the person’s skills and achievements, rather than experience.

I also learned to not be discouraged if you are one of the ones seeking out a job but have no relevant work experience.  Companies are searching for that fresh new face, somebody that they can mold and develop, just as much as they are searching for that guy that already knows what he is doing.

A resume is basically a summary of yourself.  You are highlighting everything about yourself that will make someone interested in you, that will make you stick out from others.  Do what you need to do, within reason, to make yourself stick out and make a potential employer want to get to know you better.

When I do a search for IT Customer Support Jobs in Milwaukee, WI, I find a lot of results for IT Support Technicians.  The main skills these people are looking for troubleshooting, and Microsoft Office knowledge.  A great way to highlight proficiency in these areas would be to include your MATC experience in your resume, as these are all components of the IT program that we are enrolled in.

I hope this helps you with making you resume and getting a good start on your career as an IT specialist!