1. Since we are going to be using a template from Excel, and not creating one, it will make things much simpler for the user. First open Excel, and in the “Search for online templates” search bar, enter “To-Do List. Many will pop up depending on the type of list you would like to create. Choose the appropriate one for yourself. For this example, I will select the first choice.


2. Now that we have are template open we can begin to manipulate the data in the Fields with our choosing. This template also included sorting fields, which makes it a nice feature to have in your list.


3. First let’s start by entering the task that we will need to do. In fields B4:B7, we have entered some things that need to get done. The next thing is to assign a priority level to each one.


4. Set the Priority level of the task given. You can see that it gives you 3 options, low, normal, and high. Use the drop-down menu button to access the options and select the correct priority level for each task.

Now that we have set our priority for each one, depending on the user it will vary, and we can now move on to selecting the status of each one.


5. Depending on the when the list was created, and if you have started any of the To-Do task, the next step will be choosing the Status of the task. Much like the priority this category also has a selection menu of in progress, deferred, or complete. We will assume that one of the task has been completed, and was created a week ago.

So now our list is starting to look like a real To-Do list, we have set our task, priority, and the status of where we are with the task. One is complete, not started, deferred, and in progress.


6. We can now move on to our “start, and due” dates. Depending on when the list is created, the dates will vary, we can assume again that this list was created a week ago. Not just today as a tutorial.

Comparing the dates to the task, your list should start making sense as to when task were suppose to get done, and when you would have wanted them done, some are on task, others not so much.


7. The last three categories in our list can be determined without them being placed in the list, but for this template they have been included. They are % complete, done/overdue, and notes. The same for % complete, it also has a drop-down menu, with the options of 0, 25, 50, and 100.

In the done/overdue section this template comes with an If equation, depending on the status, start date, due date, and %, notice that my task says overdue, that’s because today is the 13th, and it was due the 12th. Since two of my task are still not overdue or complete, depending on the if conditions in the formula, they will be left blank. Finally, we are done with our To-Do list, and can enter any final notes you would like to add in the notes section.