Getting a job alone can be a difficult task to accomplish, but after you get a job there are still some things you need to be aware of such as; your salary, benefits, 401K, and retirement. Companies are going to want to pay you the least amount possible so being able to confidently negotiate how much you are worth is very important. However, trying to negotiate how much you are worth can be very hard to do. I am going to give you a few tips to help you negotiate salary and other benefits for your job here.

First, you should look up online and do some research on your position and how much other professionals are making in your field. That doesn’t mean that just because they make a certain amount doesn’t mean you will make that. They could have more experience or better qualifications. But you can get a ballpark idea of how much you should be paid. You should let the employer offer the first number for your salary, then based on that, you can make a counter offer. After you make your counter offer you should justify your counter offer to your employer and state reasons why you are worth this much and try to show that and persuade them that you are worth this much money. You should make sure you don’t make demands though. You want to make sure you don’t do that because that won’t get you anywhere.

People often negotiate other than just in person in your boss’s office. Negotiations can be made via phone call, email, etc. If you are negotiating over the phone you need to make sure you speak loud but not too loud, also make sure you pronounce your words fully, so you are easy to understand. You don’t want you boss to not be able to hear you while talking about how much money you will make. If it is via email which wouldn’t happen very often, but, you want to make sure you state everything clearly, so it isn’t confusing. You want your employer to be able to clearly see what you want.

In my personal experience negotiating my wage with my landscaping job, I took the starting wage and on my second year coming back in the summer to work, I asked for a $1.00 raise because it is my second year coming back and now have more experience in the landscaping field. I got the raise I told my boss how I now know how to do and operate everything from last year which makes my value of a crew member higher than the previous year.

Being able to negotiate your wage is a very important and useful skill to have because a lot of the time you can get paid maybe a little more if you just ask and bring up your points on why you deserve this much. You need to try to sell yourself for as high as possible.