So, you have decided to take the extra step in your career to get certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist. It is always a good thing to be certified not only in this specific certification but any of the certifications that the IT Support program prepares you for. In most cases the employer will look at your application to be hired if you have a certification over the application that doesn't have a certification. To become a certified Microsoft Office Specialist the first and one of the most important things to do is preparation. First things first, you must choose an institution to go to in order to get certified. Choosing the correct institution comes down to a couple of things; how the exam is run and how it is organized, and how much it cost to get certified there. For most institutions the cost will not very much. The good thing about attending Milwaukee Area Technical School and trying to become certified in something is that the school offers a discounted price for the exam to be certified. Once you have decided on where to take your exam at then you should start to do the research on that institution. You want to find out how long the exam is, what type of questions there are on there and the important part, how much will it cost. Next after going through with picking where and when then you have to prepare for the exam. You should read as many books as possible that you can on the subject. This should help with getting your head wrapped around any of the information that is thrown at you for the exam. Another tip for getting information on becoming certified is watching Youtube videos or CBT nugget videos to gain further knowledge. There is basically a video for every and anything that you need to learn out there on the web, all you have to do is find it. After watching some videos about the subject, finding and working with someone who is in this field to actually get some hands on experience would be a good idea. Also a big help would be to talk to someone who is already certified, preferably from the same place you plan on taking that exam to learn how it will be. Once you have found someone who has already been certified and talk to them about taking the exam will only help and benefit you for when it is your turn to take the exam.

You should also find a solid support system during this process. What I mean by that is have someone who is checking in on you to help keep you on track. You could have, say your wife/girlfriend/mom/dad etc.. check in maybe once a week or more frequent to make sure that you are doing everything you should be. It is important to have support in anything that you do no matter how big or how small the task is. Doing these steps will help you get prepared to get certified. Before actually going through with the exam you should take some time to take practice tests. Such practice tests will most likely be on the institutions website or through another company on their website. Any practice test you take that gets you closer to passing that final exam will help you in the long run. After all the preparation steps and learning as much as you can then you are ready to be certified. If and only if you feel completely confident that you will pass should you then go forward and take the exam. It would be bad for you to take the exam and waste your hard earned money and fail, causing you to spend that money again to try to be certified. Good Luck! Here is an example of how to effectively and timely manage a schedule to get this task accomplished. gantt chart