Preparing for a job application is an essential process. In order to get a job, you’re going to submit a job application. Since the IT field is quite competitive to get in to, you’re going to need to have a well put together application. Employers also do screenings/tests to find out if you fabricated the truth on your resume/application. Since a lot of people tend to stretch out the truth on their resumes, the employer needs to weed out the bad ones. You need to make sure your resume is up to par and that you didn’t lie because when you take your tests they will find out right away.

When you fill out a job application you’re going to want to answer truthfully. Job applications will ask about experience, where you went to school, if you have a diploma, relevant references and other job-related questions they have for you. Every place is different, so don’t expect the applications to look the same. Some advice is to treat each job application you do as your first one. The reason I say this is because the IT field is so rigorous to find a job in, you’re most likely going to fill out multiple applications. It is easy to get discouraged and just start filling out tons of job applications in a day without caring what you put out. For example, if you put out 15 applications in a day, I guarantee the last one won’t be as detailed as the first. You will start to get tired and can end up filling out an application just to fill it out and be done with. Remaining optimistic is a trait you need to acquire when completing this exercise.

Also, when you do your applications you should never self-sabotage yourself. Meaning, if you put a lie on the application and you get an interview the employer may ask you about it. If you can’t answer their question they will start to get the idea you lied throughout your entire resume. You don’t want to be known as a liar. Also, when answering the infamous salary question don’t try to put a lower salary to get their attention. This can end up with the employer lowballing you. If you want the salary to be up for discussion let them know that right away. If it doesn’t allow you to put that, you should always go for your minimum. You need to do what makes you feel comfortable because if you do end up putting that low salary you could be potentially blowing your chances and getting stuck with this low wage.

Lastly, a very important part in this hiring process is doing screenings and skills tests. The reason employers do this is so they know that you are who you say you are.  Just about anyone can sound impressive on a resume but they need to put you up to a test. For IT tests they will ask you about basic knowledge and even get into specifics about computer software skills etc. Even places like Target and McDonalds do assessment tests. They want to see if you have the right personality and that you are a perfect fit for the job. No company wants a lazy unmotivated employee.