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Lets get Started!

Step one: Log into your Google account and then click on the box with nine dots that makes up a square.  This will display the different tools that Google offers.  Now,  click on YouTube.

Step Two: After clicking on YouTube, click on the Google icon at the top right hand corner to display different options for the Youtube account.  (Don’t click on the box with the dots)  Now, click on the creator studio button.

Step Three:  Now that you’re in creator studio click on the live streaming option.  If this is your first time you might have to enable live streaming which can take up to twenty four hours to be approved.

This is what the screen will look like if you haven't enabled live streaming on your account.Step Four:  After getting approved go back into your YouTube studio creator and click on live streaming… now click new live event.

Step Five:  This is the main webinar event setup screen.  This is where you set the title, date and time and give it a description.  For searching purposes you can add different keywords to help your target audience find your broadcast.  Also, it gives you the option to share it on twitter and google plus.After setting up the event it will show up in the events box.

If subscribers come to your channel, it will say on the bottom left hand corner how much longer until it starts.  For example, this event starts in ninety nine minutes.

If you’re looking to start the event early,  you can find the event in the events box and click on start hangout on air.  This will start the google app that runs the webinar.This little box will pop up and ask you for permission to use your camera and microphone.  There are three different ways to communicate with the audience:  voice, video and screen share.  

This is what the window looks like after you allow the microphone and camera to access the computer.  The window can be resized to whatever size you like.This shows the different tools on the left hand side, that can be used while broadcasting.  

The first icon makes the chat open and close.  The next icon is the one that looks like a green arrow.  This will enable the screen share feature.  This is a great way to share powerpoint presentations or show the audience how different software works.  The third option is called cameraman. This helps to control what audio and video is seen and heard.  For example as guests join the webinar it will mute the audio so it doesn’t interrupt the broadcast.  The last button is called the control room.  This will mute audio, turn on and off video and control the volume.he next set of tools that pops up will be located toward the top of the screen.  Starting from the left, this icon is for sharing and inviting people to the broadcast.  The next two are for turning sound and video on and off.  The fourth one is for adjusting the level of bandwidth you're using while going live.  The fifth icon that looks like a gear will allow you to open settings and the last one is for ending the broadcast.These are the setting you get when clicking on the gear icon.  This is where  go if the video or audio are not working.Another way of ending the broadcast is to click “stop broadcast” at the bottom of the screen.  This webinar feature from Google is a great way for sharing and presenting different types of content to a large audience.  For a step by step video on what we went over today click here.