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The key differences between Edge and Internet Explorer is that Edge is more emphasized on Web Note and Reading View and Cortana and obviously like any browser update the compatibility and security of the Browser, and Inter Explorer is there for the backward compatibility and modern web standards and IE11 has ran all the way back to windows 7. I think that Microsoft edge is better because the new browser interface is a lot smother and is made to work with all the new windows 10 features. It is made like google chrome because anything you type in the web address bar can be a search or website, but instead of using google it uses Bing which is not the best in my part but its better than nothing. With Internet explorer they have the search bar and an address bar, Edge has a great feature where it annotates and highlights parts of webpages for a better search of finding of what you are looking for. Then it also contains a reading view for people with either tablets or a cellular device, it makes the reading a lot better by making it perfectly proportioned for the devices screen and you can also save what ever your reading to your reading list for future reading. Cortana is one of the best things that has came on in windows 10 it’s like a Siri in some ways, Cortana and edge communicate very well with each other and make the search experience a lot better when you are asking Cortana a question, or your hands are full, and you can only speak to your windows 10 device. It also contains a top site home tab for faster and easier browsing, it makes it a lot easier for people that are tires of typing the webpage over and over again. This way they can just navigate to it by pressing on the top site that you want to go on. Another feature that it has is setting a tab aside so that you can restore them later where you dropped off after restarting your pc or closing the browser. This means that you won’t have to find a important part of a webpage you were on when you have to go somewhere or when your laptop about to die. A feature I recently found out was that when you have many tabs open you can click on a down arrow next to the tabs and see what the webpage looks like in a small image. When opening another tab, you also get your feed depending on what you like and politics and US stuff and world tech etc. and it is all powered with msn to make your browsing experience as best as they can, very nice weather widget if you may call it that on the right side of the web browser and a very clean themed internet. When It comes to searching stuff, it tells you your resent searches and what is trending now. With Edge your Microsoft account is linked which means that you have the same data in any other device that you log into your Microsoft account, something that I think all browsers should do because that way you don’t feel like you need to start all over on your new device.