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On the path to finding a rewarding computer support job, you will need to develop the key pieces of information that employers and hiring managers will be looking for. Success includes showcasing skills and talents in your cover letter resume. There are multitudes of research materials on this subject including both video descriptions and tutorials. The information on the cover letter and the resume can be found from searches on the internet. For this informational document, we will look at several options. First, we will look into why you need a cover letter or a resume. Second, we will describe who will be looking at your cover letter and resume and why organizations find value in this information. Finally, how you can find information on building a resume and cover letter for an IT Support position.

A cover letter and resume are your first introduction to a prospective employer. Just going into a company and filling out a job application will not win you an IT Computer Support Job. Using online research, up to 87% of all job applications are not filled out correctly or completely. You will need to give an impression of yourself to a hiring manager or employer which requires one to properly fill out an online job posting, include a meaningful cover letter as well as have an adequate resume. You will need to overcome some obstacles to get your resume in front of the right people making the hiring decision. During the initial hiring process, some employers will only spend 7 to 15 seconds looking at a candidate’s resume. A recruiter helps to review a resume and provide feedback given the current environment and opportunities. Additionally, many colleges have support networks including a Career Center, provide classes or career fairs that can help you prepare for interviews or building your resume. There are also paid services and computer programs to help you build a resume and cover letter. A program found at Best Buy, ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 20, sells for $29.99 is a good investment. A lot of employers are now using computer programs to pre-screen resumes. The volume of online applications is intense, so upfront time is required allowing them to put more time into candidates that meet the needs of the positions they want to fill. There are tutorials and videos that also help you identify the use of key words and tricks to pass through these pre-screen programs. You must download any materials they share including Power word lists, examples, resume samples, etc.  Examples of valuable sites include: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_SUnPkuE7c    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKM_LZ0ujX8    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVAIXGhwYt8

It is critical to distinguish your accomplishments, talents and forward-looking intentions so a prospective employer is interested in investing in you as a valid candidate for an IT Computer Support Job.

Once the cover letter and resume past initial screening, most likely Human Resources will be the first set of eyes on your information. They vett probable candidates to the hiring manager to assess next steps.   Generally, a phone screen is initiated by Human Resources; this process is more factual-based with minimal behavior-based questions. However, in talking to other professionals, many have had different experiences in the interview process. This process is required so the company can make sure between all candidates, the selected ones possess skills, attributes, or required certifications. In the building of my LinkedIn profile and navigating the site, I have found that you can also search companies. This powerful opportunity allows a candidate to research an organization ahead of time as well as possibly “interact” with some of those respective employees; obtaining additional information on a prospective employer allows a candidate to get a better understanding of the company’s culture and structure. Gaining this insight could help you to tailor topics to address in the cover letter and accomplishments to highlight on a resume.

Finally, there are a multitude of resources on building a resume and cover letter for an IT Support position. Yes, the local library is a resource to find books, books on tape or C.D. You may also go online and do a Google or Bing search for help with cover letters or resumes. You must be crisp in the search criteria and search for samples related to Information Technology, Support field. I have found a great deal of help from a text book used in a college class I have taken. The book can be found online. I found the one I use at Amazon.com. the title is The Resume Writer’s Workbook by: Stanley Krantman. This book helps detail how to grab a reader’s attention by adding critical skills like – maintaining computers, Spreadsheet and Word processing programs, Operating system. and when and where to use action and power verbs like – built, calculated, computed, designed, programed, repaired. This book also comes with a South-Western Cengage Learning online software pass key to help you further your ability with tasks and guidance of how to build a cover letters or resumes.  Resources should be used to create the best resume and cover letter to distinguish oneself as the best candidate to an organization.


By: Rudy Neihous


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