Today I am planning a trip to Madrid, Spain for a week because I was chosen to go to shadow a company for a week to see how their IT business is running in Spain. The main goal for this trip is just to see if we can look at their policies and see if we can implement them back to our company. My travel options are either from Mitchell Airport MKE directly to Madrid non-stop or with stops. The cheaper option would be driving to Chicago and boarding the plane from the O’Hare International Airport. A round-trip from Chicago to Madrid would cost around $788, on the other hand a round cost to Madrid from Milwaukee would cost $1108. So I’m going to be taking the cheap route because Chicago is not that far from Milwaukee. Here are the five hotels I have listed that I’m going to consider staying: Hotel Orfila, Artiem Madrid, Only YOU Hotel Atocha, Gran Melia Palacio de Los Duques, and lastly ApartoSuites Jardines de Sabatini. Artiem Madrid costs $106/night so that’s a total or $424 for staying those five days. Only YOU Hotel Atocha costs $157/night with a total of $628. Gran Melia Palacio de Los Duques costs $312/night with a total of $1248. ApartoSuites Jardines de Sabatini costs $247/night with a total $988. I will be staying at Hotel Orfila because it has great reviews online and also for that week its only for $286/night with a total of $1144. After staying there, I will be hungry so for meals I will probably head downtown and get some town food so I will probably spend $200 throughout the whole week because I will enjoy their food since it’s my first time being to Madrid. I probably won’t be needing a parking space because I’m going to take an Uber or taxi because I’m only there for a week. So this travel is once every year we check on this Spanish company to see if their policy and procedures are working and to also to pitch in solutions for problems that both of our company is having. This meeting really benefits and strengthens our relationship between these two companies across the globe.

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