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With the creation of windows 10, it came with many new features making the previous version of windows look like garbage. One of these many features is Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is known as a complete reboot from Internet Explorer. It comes with many perks such as faster load speed, (which everyone hated internet explorer for) easier to maneuver through, and many more things. One of my favorite things about Edge is the magic marker. This is known as Web Note. I highly suggest Web Note for anybody in college or if you're making a power point for your job. While browsing through the internet, you may use this marker to add notes and edit web pages to your advantage. After you're finished with your editing, you can then save it as a file to your computer.

One of the best things they added to Edge was Reading View. Reading View essentially acts as an ad blocker; it fits your screen to give you a focused view on your website. Some websites abuse ad elements to make it so you physically can't see them making the web page shaped very weird. Reading View will negate that and make it much easier for you to read your article without 500 advertisements popping up on your screen. A very excellent choice on Microsoft's side. It doesn't work on every site, but when it does work your life becomes a lot easier for a moment.


Another perfect addition to Windows 10 is known as Cortana. Cortana is essentially another version siri, but arguably better. Cortana is apart of Windows 10 itself, not Microsoft Edge; however, you can use Cortana with Microsoft Edge. If you are browsing a web page and you come across information that you aren't familiar with and would like to know more information on, instead of loading up a new tab wasting time you can use Cortana to your advantage. If you highlight the phrase or word that you want to know more about, you can right click said phrase and there will be an option about asking Cortana for more information on that phrase. This feature doesn't work 100% of the time, as it is a machine and machines make mistakes. When it doesn't work, the worst that can happen is you have to open a new tab and look for the information, which is what most people do anyways. Not only will Cortana give you information on phrases, it gives you locations of businesses. It's the exact same thing, you highlight the business and right click on it and Cortana will search that business for you.


One of the more modern additions to edge, is easier sharing. On Microsoft Edge's navigation bar, there is a share button embedded into it. Upon clicking on this, Edge will pull up installed applications that are compatible with this share feature, such as social media or email. This is a very good addition to their new browser, and almost makes it worthwhile to use.

As said before, a main issue for Internet Explorer was the slow loading. Nobody wants to browse the internet loading a page every 15 seconds. What Microsoft did was improve the loading speed (and significantly if I may say so) and is a lot better than what it used to be. With that being said, it's still pretty slow compared to other browsers. This new speed has attracted many new users, and it continues to grow every day.


In conclusion, I believe that Microsoft Edge is a lot better than Internet Explorer hands down. It has a lot more features than internet explorer obviously, and makes the old ones look bad. When you compare Edge to Internet explorer, the victor is obvious. However, there are a lot better alternatives than Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome and Firefox are much faster than edge, and provide a lot better features. That's just my personal opinion though. The focus here is to see that Microsoft Edge is improving every day and who knows, it could potentially be better than chrome or other browsers some day. With the constant changes and updates it goes through, It wouldn't be surprised. If I had anything to suggest for Edge, it would be to make the loading speed similar to Chrome. The loading speed is my main concern when surfing the internet. If I can't do it efficiently, it's going to bother me until I find a browser that fits my speed needs.