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Well truth be told with IOS 10 one of the newest updates for Iphones was a big one, There biggest one yet. So ill go into some of the things they added and changed in this amazing new update. One new edition to the update was tap to replace emoji. So pretty much you can swap your words for emoji with just one touch easy enough right. So for example if you are texting someone and you are finished with text all the word that can be changed into emoji will highlight yellow and you just tap the words BOOM!! magic

Another new feature would be raise to wake. meaning any notifications that came to your phone while you are away. You would simply just pick up your iphone and that will wake it and guess what your notifications will be right there waiting.

Another new feature they have added is touch and go which uses the 3D touch feature in apple such as calendar, stocks and weather and also messenger. Just to a quick glance at the information you need. You can also take reservations and book tables through apps such as open-table and you can also request a with uber all withing the maps application.  Also have something called tap-back where you can send one of six response it'll let people know what you thinking.  You can change the way your bubbles look  say it loud and proud and they also have invisible ink you can send a message so that it remains hidden then you just swipe to reveal it. Also siri now opens to maps siri also works with your favorite apps from the app store, now you can book a ride through Lyft or send someone with square cash.

Street smarter maps can now make proactive suggestions for where your likely to go and the fastest way to get there with that being said it could help a lot if you are lost or unsure of where you going or headed. So to sum it all up they released alot of new features and theres a lot you can still learn. so hope you enjoyed the paper until next time.