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Key Advantages of MATC’s IT Computer Support Program

1) The IT computer support industry generates many IT jobs in Wisconsin. There is steady job growth ahead based on projections from the MATC Graduate Career Report.

2) Jobs in the IT computer support field pay high family supporting salaries.

3)  Students completing this program will be assets to organizations because they will have insight in how to resolve technical issues quickly. Customer satisfaction and little company downtime are primary goals of good computer support service.

Watch below video to learn more how technical college education can be more cost effective tool to prepare you for careen in IT Computer Support


Why Study IT Computer Support at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)?

1) MATC offers cost effective education allowing students to prepare for this career in two years or less.

2) The financial aid program MATC offers allows qualified students to apply for and receive financial funding from federal and state governments.

3) Students attain the skills necessary to not only acquire a job in the IT computer support industry but also succeed in their new working environment. The curriculum is continually being evaluated and updated to reflect the latest technologies.

4) Our instructors have many years of experience working in the industry and are very passionate about student learning.

5) Many IT computer support courses lead to industry certification, adding more job possibilities.

6) MATC’s IT Computer Support integrated set of offerings includes an associate degree and multiple MATC certificates. These offerings are designed for people with no IT experience as well as those currently working in the technical field.

6) Online and face-to-face courses are available, providing students with greater flexibility in completing the program.

7) The INTERFACE Project grant from U.S. Department of Labor has made it possible for MATC to purchase state-of-the-art equipment, which is used by the businesses in Wisconsin. We have introduced new classes that teach students how to support Apple workstations and laptops and configure and repair major tablet devices. We have upgraded our PCs, purchased Apple desktops, Apple iPads, Google Nexus and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. We have also invested in the modern help desk ticketing systems to teach students essentials tools, needed for the classroom. Funds were also invested to purchase the infrastructure for online learning, allowing MATC to provide different education options for the students based on their location and availability. All investments provide students with opportunities to administer and support state-of-the-art equipment used by Wisconsin businesses.



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