So, I understand that you want to plan a business trip to Madrid, Spain, but do not have a single thought of how to prepare for it.  Now we are on the same boat.  I hope to travel internationally one day and try to prepare myself for when that day comes.  I have recently just came back from Wisconsin Dells and paid $250 which covered the cabin, food, and gas, and anything else.  Since we went as a group, the money was split evenly per couple.  Now I did not plan much because the trip was just a little get away with some friends and family.  On the day of departing, I decided to bring $300 in cash just in case there were places to explore.  After the week, I came back with a little over $100 because of the store and outlet mall.  Now I have a little knowledge of how to prepare myself for next time.  As we go through this guide, these are my opinions on how to get yourself started.  Here are a few tips and some pointers to help you start planning your trip without the headache.

  1. Scheduling flight/hotel – For this I have booked a 5 day (Mon-Fri) trip
    1. Use trip advisor to look up flights
      1. Trip advisor is a great search engine to look for the cheapest deals.
      2. You can choose what airline to fly on, how many stops, and many more.
  • A round trip costs as low as $1310, but may take up to a day to arrive
  1. Booking a flight and hotel will save you half the trouble of looking and stressing. They have great deals on hotel stays plus flight included.
  1. I have found a great 5 out of 5-star hotel with flight for only $1198. The place is called Dear Hotel Madrid with a deluxe room fit for 2 guests.  Now that is a serious deal.
    1. Free Wifi
    2. 32 inch flat-screen TV, satellite, ipod dock
  • Coffee/tea maker, minibar, 24 hour room service
  1. Private bathrooms, bathrobe, bathtub with shower
  2. Air conditioning and daily house keeping.
  3. Breakfast buffet is upgradeable with a small fee.
  1. The sooner you book a flight, the cheaper it might be depending on the airlines.
  1. Calculate budget cost – Always calculate what you are spending so you can enjoy the trip for the best price. If you constantly go on business trips, always take note of what you are spending on, so the next time, you will be more prepared.
    1. Make a list and estimate what you are spending money on.
      1. Flight/Hotel – 1300
      2. Transportation – 200
        1. For transportation, you can either choose a taxi, bus, or possibly rent a car. For me, I believe I am not going to explore every detail of Madrid, so transitioning between the bus and taxi is a good option.
  • Food/Entertainment – 500
    1. I am a person who likes to explore different cultures of food. So I might go to restaurants instead of cooking.  Luckily trip advisor has me covered, and will direct me to some of the best in Madrid.
    2. Some great places to look at is the museum, park, or just walk downtown and admire Spain’s architectural buildings.


  1. Emergency – 500
    1. This is money used just in case an accident happens. I always make sure to put this in my budget so I know how much I will spend in the future.
  2. Total – 2500
  3. Now these are just rough estimates of what I may want to spend. Since this is a business trip, the company you are representing may pay for most of the costs so keep that in mind.
  1. Checklist of what to pack – Knowing what you want to pack for the trip is key because you get to decide if you are going to bring a luggage or two.
    1. Clothes – Since this is a 5 day trip, I always try to pack enough for at least 6 because something could happen and I am always prepared for the worse. I try to even out the pants and shorts because I am trying to enjoy my stay as great as possible.
    2. Hygiene products– The basics are toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shaving supplies.
      1. For the males, everything is laid out on the table.
      2. For the females, things might get a little more complicated if they plan to bring half their makeup package, and many more items.
    3. Electronics – This is probably one of your most important factors to focus on.
      1. Phone
      2. Laptop
  • Portable battery
  1. Chargers
  2. Firestick/Chromestick for video streaming on the TV.
  3. Anything else, but this is enough for me
  1. Other – Anything that I did not mention
  1. Tourist attractions – Look up tourist attractions around the area
    1. Things to do
      1. Prado National Museum – 2 hour tour of the museum. Cost around $65
      2. Retiro Park- Walking tour of the park for $21 or have a private tour for $50
  • Santiago Bernabeu Stadium – Tickets are only $26.52 and you can witness Spain’s very own football sport.
  1. Resturants – For me, I might like to research the places before trying it out
    1. Dstage – This restaurant has great feedback. It could be pricey, but for the experience, it would not hurt to try.
    2. Concepto Bistro – A $19-38 range is good for tourists. I would love to try this place out if I ever get the chance to.
  • Casa 9 Restaurante – This place is ranked #16, but still has customers flowing in. Just because it is not the best, that does not mean it is one of the worse.

In conclusion, I will always be looking at this guide to help me whenever I plan to go on vacation.  But it will always need improvement, because I may not be missing any key points, but I will always be missing the little details.  If you ever go out of town, take a look at this and do not forget the important aspects of the trip.  This may not be perfect, but at least it will get you started.

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