There has been many different versions of Windows over the past 20 years, the latest being Windows 10. Before Windows 10, Windows released Windows 8, which some people liked but many people thought Windows 8 had its problems.

One big thing that is back in Windows 10 that was missing from its previous version 8, is the start menu for desktop. All of the previous versions of Windows had a start menu on the desktop to quickly access programs, applications, and documents on your computer. But, on Windows 8, that is one feature that they decided to change and leave out. I always get the new versions of Windows when they come out, as it is my favorite operation system. So when I got windows 8 I was confused, and a little upset that there was not a start menu feature. But on the new Windows 10 the start menu is back and I think it is safe to speak for all Windows lovers that they love that the start menu is back. For me, the start menu is an easy tool to navigate throughout your whole computer finding what you need. They also took the idea of the tiles from windows 8, and incorporated it into the start menu which I like. You can take your applications and programs and organize them within the start menu creating different tile groups which I think is a good idea.

Another new feature Windows 10 has is the new Windows store which comes downloaded on your computer with Windows 10. It is very easy to use and navigate to find anything on the Windows store for a secure download. Windows 10 comes with the Windows store already installed on the computer and pinned to the bottom taskbar making it very easy to find. You can download almost any application available with a wide range of apps from free, to apps you need to pay for that offer a wider variety of features you can do. The Windows store is a trusted Windows app so applications that you download from the Windows store you know are secure. You will not download any viruses or any malware from downloading trusted programs from the Windows store making it a terrific safe new feature on Windows 10 that I enjoy.

Furthermore, Windows 10 also has a new Internet browser called Microsoft Edge replacing its previous version of internet explorer. I like that they came out with a new browser replacing the old, outdated internet explorer. It was time for a change and they made it. Microsoft Edge is much faster than previous browsers which I think everyone likes. Nobody likes a slow internet browser. According to Microsoft, Microsoft Edge is the fastest internet browser on the market making it very nice to have windows 10 and the fastest browser available. Another cool feature with Edge is you can annotate right on the web page. You can make notes right on the web page which users were unable to do previously. Edge also improved in security which is always a great thing, making it more secure than ever when surfing the web. It also cut down on clutter and ads that pop up. Edge also lets you customize the start page with different tab tiles for quick access to web pages you frequently visit which I like very much. It also uses the feature of Cortana which allows you to talk to your computer and Cortana will assist you with whatever you need.

Windows 10 also has a new feature with the virtual desktops which I think is a excellent new feature. This new feature allows you to create a new desktop (virtually) on your existing desktop. There is a icon on the taskbar just to the right of the search bar which lets you open up a new desktop so you can switch between one, two, three, or as many different desktops as you like. This feature is cool because it allows you to do more things on your computer being able to have multiple desktops. The new Task view feature allows a user to view all open tabs and applications side by side on one screen so you can view everything at once.

The new version of Windows 10 also has a central notification center located on the far right of the taskbar on the bottom of the screen which will so a number icon for emails you receive and you are able to view a quick view of the email or notification. If you are on your computer a email will pop up in the notification center to alert you. This benefits me because I don’t always check my email and if I am on my computer it will alert me that I have received an email. It also notifies you about updates happening on your computer, it notifies you when Windows defender runs a security scan it will tell you the results of it which you are able to quickly look at in the notification area.

A few other new features are the improved stylus support on Windows ink. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro so my computer came with a stylus for drawing on my computer which comes in handy for taking notes in class. It also reboots and turns on very fast which is nice to save some time. It also improved its aero snap feature which is nice it is now easier to snap 2 web pages or programs or even more to view multiple things at once to improve your work making it easier than switching back and forth between pages.

In conclusion, I am very satisfied with the new Windows 10, I am glad I have it I think they did a great job with all the new features. I am excited to see what the new version after 10 looks like. I would recommend Windows 10 to everyone.


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