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One of the hardest things about applying for a job is creating a resume cover letter and a cover letter. When creating a resume, you want to put in your objectives as the first section of your resume. The reason why objectives are important for employers is because what are the benefits of hiring you and what you’re going to be bringing into the company. Try adding in past experiences would make the resume look good. One way in making your resume look good is include the name of the company within the objective statement. According to livecareer.com there are some examples that you can use. Examples like “Looking to utilize skills in customer service and working with computers as a Technical Support Specialist for ABC company.” Another example is “Seeking employment as a Technical Support Specialist with ABC company to use extensive background in answering inquiries about computer systems and developing training manuals for fellow employees.” These are good examples for those going into the IT field. You want to have your objective straight to the point. When writing a resume, it’s important to list your education and past experiences, I believe that is important because half of the time people don’t have much knowledge about computers or as not as tech savvy as other people.

I think one of the best ways that people can do when creating a resume to apply for an IT job is list the skills that they have. Most of the time you will be dealing with hardware/software issues and would need to have the knowledge to troubleshoot. Other times you will be dealing with customers and having to have patience with them, you’re going to need to provide that customer service. Helping them and try to help them even though both of you are talking over the phone. When looking for a job online, employers have a list of skills that they are looking for. The Technical Support Analyst for the Milwaukee County Transit System are looking for individuals that can install, test of network components on the MCTS network. Being able to use SCCM to monitor, troubleshoot, and image desktop PCs and must have at least 1 year experience with Windows 10. Another place like Key Technical Solutions are looking for individuals that can take calls, answer emails and resolve open tickets and answer questions regarding hardware/software related. Must have excellent problem-solving skills and have basic networking concepts. I think the reason why it’s important to have these qualities is because if something happens to the company in terms of data important information can be lost and may not be able to recover.

As a help desk support, you would need to be able to create a plan if something happens. I think one of the most important qualities when becoming an IT Support is bringing in good customer service. Being able to help someone who is not tech savvy and being able to help them brings in good business for the company that you’re bringing in. Another thing to consider when applying for a job in IT is creating a cover letter. The reason why cover letters are important is because it tells the employer what it is about the job that makes it attractive to you and why you want to work for the company. What is important to remember is that some will not be consider your resume until they are happy about seeing your cover letter. What to include into the cover letter is explain the reason why you want to work at the company, another tip to remember is that research the company that you’re applying for. Another tip to remember when writing a cover letter is to encourage the reader to read your resume and try to request a interview or ask the employer to meet. Make sure to have your skills match with what the employer is looking for. Always remember to add in your contact information and add a professional looking address, make it look simple. There are things to avoid when creating a cover letter and that is always make sure that everything is spelled correctly. Avoid saying “I” too much and try to not include your whole resume into the cover letter since you’re already asking the employer to read your resume.Those are the things to consider when writing a resume and a cover letter.Project 1