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In my personal opinion knowing how to repair devices can go a long way. Why because in this day and age technology has come a long way far as cell phones, tablets, computers and desktops. First I am going into the different issues technicians solve. First is software. knowing how to trouble shoot software can go a long way, a lot of retailers or phone companies come out with different softwares for there devices that comes with a lot of bugs. For example when windows 10 released there what a lot of bug fixes. And i believe knowing which updates to download and which you should not. because some updates u can manually install if you know what you are doing. And to go a little of topic the job outlook is expanding and growing at a major rate. For a computer support specialist salary outlook is 45,289.00 and thats average.

Higher salaries are paid in manufacturing industry. Also you will get higher salaries for people with certifications such as COMPTIA Network+ And COMPTIA Security+ and thats just two theres a lot more out there. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics say the need for computer service techs will continue to grow as computer use increase in the coming decades. And far as employment goes they will expect to you to at least have a associates degree or higher. Companies are looking for techs with good people skills to be able to make customer service calls. You would have to know and understand how personal computer systems interact with each other. you also should should be able to repair other computer system components. for example printers, modems and other accessory equipment. Other career options are telecommunications station installers. I think that knowing how to repair devices is a great tool and skill to have because first off i wouldn't have to depend on someone else to do the job for me i can get it done myself and also employers are looking for people with these kind of skills seeing as they are rare and theres a whole of people who are confused with electronics.

Right now they are currently an estimated 563,540 computer repair techs in the untied states. The majority of jobs opportunities exist in California, Texas and New York and data says columbia and Virginia have the most computer repair tech representing 6.7 in 1000 and 5.63 in 1000 of the total job market respectively.  Fun facts for those who are looking to be a computer repair tech job in Wisconsin there are 9,470 computer repair techs in Wisconsin. computer repair tech jobs are 0.83 times as abundant as a percentage of the job market in Wisconsin compared to the rest of the united states. So to wrap this up this is why knowing how to repair devices make you a better technician. it has a great outlook on jobs its fun its beneficial to everyday life and it helps others to as far as friends and family. So in the great words of yoda may the force be with you.