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Why knowing how to repair devices make me a better Technician.

Knowledge, it’s important to know how to repair various devices properly one would certainly not want to take on a repair without having “the know how to” knowledge without that you could cause catastrophic damage to one’s device rendering it a paper weight or end up costing yourself, a friend or a customer more than a simple repair you would end up losing money, and you could only hope you would have the necessary part to complete the repair. It’s very important to have the know how to knowledge to execute a repair correctly to avoid any troubles in the future. Let’s Face it we are in a technology society and most of us are attached to our many devices we use on a daily basis primarily our smartphones and tablet's ’most people depend on them for school and business so it’s very important to have the knowledge to repair them as one could have some information they need to access or to send a file on the device. It’s very important to understand the various devices and to be able to properly trouble shoot and diagnose the issue one is having and to have the ability to correctly repair it. It’s good to have the knowledge and be able as a technician to have the ability to explain what issue the device is having and assure that you can fix the device.
Extra income, As a Technician with the proper knowledge to do a repair correctly the income potential will always be there, we all know at least 5 people whom own a smartphone and for whatever reason they dropped it or it got damaged in some unfortunate way. Being able to fix a Phone for a friend or family member for next to nothing saves them hundreds of dollars. Most smart phone parts are sourced online for relatively inexpensive and having the knowledge how to repair a device properly saves them a lot of money so they don’t have to go to a repair facility and pay full retail or end up have to replace the device and pay full retail which could easily average about $500.00 with that being said, all those friends and family you can repair a device for think of how many people they know who have a device they accidently damaged. These friends and family are you’re best form of advertising word of mouth is just about the best form of getting the word out that they have a friend that is a good knowledgeable Technician that can get the job done and take a look at their device. It’s almost a domino effect because those people can refer customers and so on. Being a good Technician can earn you extra income and we all want extra income.
Important Responsibilities of a Technician:
• Good repair tactics and knowledge on a vast array of devices
• Customer service and good communication skills
• Ability to properly diagnose issues to be repaired
• Good ethics