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I will be giving you some tips on things you should do and avoid doing when writing your resume. Resumes can be a challenging thing to do but with some helpful advice you too will be able to write your very own resume.

  • The first tip in writing a good resume is to choose a good font which is clear and easy to read. Fonts like Times new Roman or Tahoma are good choices. This will help your employer read your resume much more easily. Also, try to avoid using more than one font style as it can make your resume look a bit less professional to the eyes of the hiring manager.
  • Another tip would be to avoid adding any graphics of any kind into your resume. This will make your resume look unprofessional. This can cost you the opportunity of getting a potential interview with the company you applied for so its best to just leave the graphic images out of your resume.
  • When applying to different job positions and companies, you want to change your objective, so it can relate to that specific job position. You want to include all the related skills that the job position desires of you. So, do not just submit your already made resume to every job posting you apply for. Read the description and the responsibilities that are required and adjust your resume accordingly. As you are adjusting your resume, make sure that the rest of your resume supports your objective as well.
  • Leave out information that does not have to be in your resume. Things like your birthdate, your religion, your marital status and other personal information about yourself will only be useful to take up space which you can use to add more important information such as your background or other important skills that you may have. This also includes your references. It is important to know that references should not be placed in your resume. Instead, it should be added to a separate document so when asked to provide them, you will have them ready. Your references should be in the same format as your resume as well to keep things neat and professional.
  • Another important tip is to include as many key words into your resume. This is another reason why you should carefully read the description and responsibilities of the job position you are applying for, so you can add specific keywords from them, so the employer will see that you have the skills and abilities for the job.
  • Lastly, always remember to spell check your resume. Any misspelling or grammar errors will not be seen too kindly by the hiring managers. So, before you submit your resume, proofread and find any errors and have one or two other people review your resume.