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So you want to repair your own laptop by yourself? Do you have the tools for it? Do you know the tools you need? Well if you don’t know I will be explaining to you the tools you need. If you have no experience in fixing anything with computers watch a tutorial. You can also read manual it an also can help you in the direction you need to go. The 7 tools I will be speaking upon are not the only tools you need but are essentials.

  Tools Needed For Laptop Repair  

#1 Screwdriver

You will use the screwdriver most of the time to unscrew things. It will be one of your main tools because most screws are compatible with it.  The screws are there put in place to hold some components down from shifting. A screwdriver will help you easily be able to take the screws out to replace items.

#2 Tweezers

Tweezers are a good tool to use when you have larger hands and smaller items. It will help you keep track of your screws by using this tool. While using this told you can fit into small places. Fitting into small places will be common in computer rep

 #3 ESD Tools

ESD tools are for your safety and will help you perform the job efficiently. ESD tools include the main thing are the straps. ESD strap you will connect to your device and a table to prevent static. Know it or not enough static can produce off a device turned off as turned on.

#4 Cleaning Tools

 Cleaning tools will consistent of multiple things to be able to keep your electronical device sanitized. It consists of soft cloth, Compressed air, and cable ties and parts organizer.  The cable ties are for organizing and compressed air for lent. Parts organizer is self-explanatory but for small parts to keep track of them.

       #5 Diagnostic Tools

In case you do not know what the voltage may be on your device or what it is reading these tools will help. You can you use a digital multimeter, loop back adapter, and a toner probe. You an research and see which device will be compatible. There are all useful tools to use while fixing upon a computer.

            #6 Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is one of the main things you can use on a electronical device to clean with. It won’t damage the computer or device. If you are not sure if can be used I advise to read your manual.

         #7 Manual

This is not a tool but I will be your guide to produce the most success in this project. Reading you manual front to back is essential when trying to fix anything. Even if you think you have experience, you may not be experienced in that device. You might try to repair something you thing you have handle and fry your whole mother board. That will cost you more than any of these small tools I have given you.

I hope that I was at help with some tools you need to repair a computer and or laptop. Good luck and read your manual.