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In a business environment, everything revolves around two things: Productivity and Efficiency.  Productivity being the standard in which something needs to meet, and efficiency being the rate as which its made.  There are places in every business that could use a face lift in these areas, Gmail being one of them.  When I first heard of these apps I started to question why in the world would I ever need them.  Being in the situation I’m in, I don’t necessarily rely on email as much as I would in a corporate environment.  With that said, these apps are invaluable from a business perspective:



Nothing is better than encryption when talking internet traffic.  So much of our information and conversations are susceptible to threat, so why not protect it in any way possible?  This app provides a simple way to encrypt emails.  According to the web page, even Google servers will see the encrypted version only.  Obviously, take that claim with a grain of salt.



This app is a bit more complicated than all of the others.  The interface is a bit convoluted, but the amount of information provided justifies it.  Basically, this app informs you of who opens your emails, and to what extent.  What I mean by that is it tells you whether or not these individuals open the links attached, and whether they scroll down to read it in its entirety.  This could be very helpful in a managerial position.





When overloaded with the amount of emails you need to send out, Boomerang facilitates the process.  You can set a specific time to send out certain emails, and the recipients as well.  This could also be helpful when sending important information overnight to all employees, so they see it first thing in the morning. This also reminds you of who responds, and who doesn’t.







When dealing with a lot of people you don’t really know on a personal level, it’s always nice to get a quick understanding on who they are.  Rather than having to Google their names, use the app Rapportive.  It provides a quick description of the individual, where they work and the city they live in. This could definitely help HR with refining possible candidates for employment.

A quick in easy way to refine what you want in your mailbox.  You will inevitably receive dozens of unsolicited, unwanted emails throughout the day.  These can vary from newsletters to simple spam. does exactly what the name says, unrolls you from unwanted clutter.


Active Inbox

This one I personally use.  Rather than the rudimentary Gmail interface, this app transforms your inbox to a fully functional task manager.  You can organize emails from specific people, direct incoming emails to specific places and label all traffic with required actions.  Once comprehended, this will increase productivity tremendously.


Mail Timer for Gmail

This one I can’t really relate to as of yet, but I’m sure in the future I will.  Mail Timer informs you of emails that are drafted or incomplete.  When flooded with hundreds of emails a day, it certainly isn’t far fetched to think one or two replies will simply be forgotten about.  This app prevents these types of occurrences, and hopefully also prevents frustration from both ends.


These apps were specifically designed to increase productivity in the workplace and at home.  When utilized correctly and to their full potential, the possibilities are endless.