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  • Boomerang. Boomerang is one of the more popular plugins that can be used with Gmail. Boomerang lets you take control of your message whether it be: sending you a reminder of that a message needs to be sent out, sending you a reminder if people haven’t replied to an earlier message, and cleaning up your inbox but still having your important messages show back up when you need them to.  Boomerang is also free, which cannot be said for all plugins that may have similar functions
  • Sortd. Sortd is a plugin that allows you to take your emails and sort them into ToDo lists for better management of your emails. It is made up of a simple drag and drop UI. It also allows you to rename subjects if you have any need for that.
  • Clearbit Connect. Clearbit Connect is a must have plugin for anyone that sends emails to new contacts regularly. This plugin allows you to search a company and pull the email addresses of users from within that company. Gone are the days of having to search endlessly for one persons email address. With Clearbit Connect, just type in the company the person works for, and the up to date database should have no problem finding them for you.
  • BananaTag. Bananatag is a plugin that allows you to track emails after they are sent. Most people hit the send button and never know what happens with their email beyond that moment. With BananaTag you get notifications when your emails are clicked and opened, whether your attachments have been looked out and even allows for your own personal email analytics so you can see the larger picture of your successes and failures.
  • Unroll.Me.  Unroll.Me is more or less what you would assume just seeing or hearing the name. This plugin is used to see a full list of all of your subscription emails and you can choose whether to roll up your subscription emails into one larger email so your inbox is less cluttered, or it also makes it much easier to unsubscribe from them as a whole.
  • Snapmail. Snapmail gets its name and function from the popular phone app Snapchat. Snap mail works in the same way! You can send emails that may contain sensitive data or that you only want accessible for a short period of time before it automatically deletes itself.
  • Strikethrough. Strikethrough is a simple plugin that allows the striking through of text to be used in your formatting bar while composing messages.  This plugin would be handy in times where you would like to show revisions within a message.