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Managing email can be tough to handle when they are flooding your inbox throughout the week. Forgetting about certain emails and important messages can be common problem with the way email is handled. Luckily there are certain tools that have been made to help Gmail improve with these types of problems and tools that you would not even think of to benefit from. Here are 7 Gmail productivity plugins to help you handle email more efficiently.

  1. Bananatag


Waiting for a reply to an email can be frustrating especially because you do not know it the recipient read the message. Bananatag solves this problem with email tracking which shows you if the email you sent was opened and by how many people. This saves time since there would be no need to send follow up emails making sure people read or have seen your email. The tracking can also detect if the recipient clicked on the links inside your email. This tool helps improve email engagements and lets you see what contacts are really reading your emails. Bananatag includes other features such as scheduling emails, scheduling recurring emails, and email templates.

  1. SecureGmail

Security is essential for any information that is shared online including email. SecureGmail encrypts and decrypts all emails sent through Gmail using symmetric encryption. The email gets sent straight to the recipient and doesn’t go through Googles servers. This tool is opensource which means everyone can see exactly how the app works and can confirm that it is safe to use.

  1. Boomerang


This tool can help you schedule emails for a later date and helps you remember those important emails that you may have forgotten. Maybe you sent an email days ago but there is still no reply, Boomerang can remind you about those emails. Boomerang can also clean up your inbox by removing emails and placing them in a separate boomerang inbox to read later.

  1. Rapportive

Rapportive is a tool that is all about building connections. Rapportive gives you a sidebar in Gmail with various information on who you are emailing with. The sidebar includes personal details such as current job, city they live in, and social media accounts.


Your inbox can be filled with a plethora of newsletters and emails from websites. helps you quickly unenroll and unsubscribe from all those types of emails

  1. WiseStamp

Using WiseStamp offers you a unique way to customize your email signature that is not too flashy or in the way of the email for the recipient. This tool can add an image or personal information to the end of the email and provide links to your social media. This little bit of flair will make your emails stand out from the rest.

  1. Mail Timer for Gmail

This last tool is a unique way to stay focused on your inbox. This tool runs a timer for 2 minutes, so you stay focused and move along to the next email. The timer has a message that pops up letting you know that only 30 seconds are left so try to get that message done. This timer will help get you to reply to your emails quickly and efficiently.