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Adam Zamora

7 mistakes you want to dodge when looking for a IT Support Job in the Milwaukee area.

After all the countless hours spent studying and attending class your time and hard work has paid off, you have an Associate’s degree as an IT computer specialist. Sometimes all this happens rather quickly for many students and you come to the realization I have to take all the knowledge and skills I have obtained and use them to further my career. But first you have to realize that finding the right IT Support Job is extremely important if you want to have a successful career. Having a really good interview or having a referral from someone who already works there are givens when it comes to trying to get an IT Support job at someone place you see yourself working at and advancing at over a period of time. In order to have this dream of one day having that dream job there are seven mistakes you want to dodge.

  • Not networking is a mistake you do not want to make. Networking is when you ask if anyone in your family, family friends, friends and other people in your social circle for any jobs leads to a position. You could be surprised and possibly get a lead from someone who is a friend of a friend, so to speak. If you did you could possibly get a referral if the current employee working there trusted you and your word. Referred candidates are also 40% more likely to be hired According to The Federal Reserve.

  • Not doing your research is a big mistake that can be avoided. Before doing an interview for a job, before choosing what potential employers you’d like to send your resume too and before you even chose the IT Support position. You must do your research! Doing your research and making logical decisions based off your research can put you in good situations for you too succeed and be happy.

  • Being persistent is something you should embrace and not dodge. Sometimes it may take time to find the perfect position for you, don’t be discouraged. Chances are you will eventually find a position somewhere you like. The job market for IT Support technicians is growing every year and strong currently, so being patient will most likely work out.

  • Having a spotless internet appearance is a mistake not too have. Sometimes hiring managers happen to look over potential candidate’s social media pages. Making sure your social media pages are appropriate for anyone is important. In many cases it means getting rid of any goofy pictures or video on your social media page and even controversial posts you have made.

  • Using the internet and all it’s resources is a mistake you could cost you dearly. Sites like,, and have job postings from potential employers. Also on the postings it displays many useful details like the pay range, the title of your position and also details about where it’s located and a brief description of your position. Many employers these days also have you send a resume through the internet.

  • Making Lists is also a mistake you do not want too make. Making lists can help you organize yourself and make sure your on task. Making a list can also remind you what your prioritizes are and make sure you are following them and using them when making decisions.

  • Making your goals realistic is something you should not avoid doing. Not everything is going to be perfect in the search for an IT Support Job there going to be ups and downs. Being able to make goals that aren’t too far fetched will keep you in high spirit.