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Gmail Productivity Plugins


Many of us already spend hours a day sitting in front of a computer ranging from our phones, tablets, or laptops. Many of us are using that time to get actual work done that needs to be done. Unfortunately sitting in front, a computer for hours on end is not healthy and takes away time from that we could be using to do or accomplish other things. Almost all of us use email for school and work. Here are some useful plugins for Gmail users that boost productivity.


  1. Bananatag

This is a very useful plugin to allow you to see if people are reading your emails. While this can be used for both personal and business emails it is especially important when it comes to business. You don’t want to be wasting your time doing follow up emails in which you are not likely to get a response. With Bananatag you can pick out specific emails that you want to track, and it will allow you to see information on if people are opening the emails or clicking on anything of the links inside the email. Bananatag will give you notifications when certain actions are taken with the email that you picked out. The data gathered will be presented to you in a detailed graph in a easy and free package.




We have all had that messy email inbox where we are constantly being bombarded with different advertisement emails from all sort of things. Throughout the day and overtime we end up clicking on who knows what and end of subscribing or giving out our email to various sites that flood our inbox. What does is scan your email inbox and will present you with a simple visual interface where you can pick and choose what emails and sites you want to block messages from based on your current list of subscriptions. This is an extremely useful tool to not only clean up a messy inbox by stopping the flow of spam emails but is also a great tool to keep your inbox clean.



  1. SecureGmail

Much of our information online is vulnerable in some form or another. If you are worried about someone getting ahold of important emails whether they are personal or business emails, then SecureGmail is a great tool for you. SecureGmail will encrypt your emails that you are sending, and they can only be opened with a password that you set up. That way even if someone intercepts your email they will not be able to read it without having the password that you and the recipient agreed upon. It is obviously a wise decision to agree upon a password with the recipient with a different commutation channel other than email.






  1. Boomerang

Our lives get busy and we forget to do important things such as send important emails. This can be especially true if you are already sending on a billion emails a day then it makes it that much easier to forget one or two. We have also all been there where we sent an email and got no reply then after some time we forget completely about that email. What Boomerang allows you to do is prepare emails and then have them automatically sent specific date in the future. Boomerang will also give you a reminder if someone hasn’t responded to an email you sent after a specific amount of time.


  1. FollowUp CC

This is another nice little plugin that adds to the functions of Boomerang. What FollowUp CC does is let you create polite and professionally emails that get sent to people who haven’t replied to your emails that you sent. These emails can be configured to send after a certain amount of time goes by or can be configured so they send on a specific date. You can even become so precious on the timing of your email by even choosing the time at which the email is sent.


  1. Key Rocket

Many of us forget how productive keyboard shortcuts can make us, yet many of us don’t remember what they are because we use so many different programs and software all with different commands. Gmail has its own set of keyboard shortcuts to help you be more efficient. Key Rocket will have little pop up windows that will come up whenever you do something that has a keyboard shortcut to it. This is a great tool to learn and remember the keyboard shortcuts that will make you much more efficient when using Gmail. After you become familiar with all the keyboard shortcuts then you can feel free to delete to remove the plugin to get rid of the reminders.


  1. Rapportive

This is a great tool to have if you are trying to establish a better relationship with someone such as a potential client or business partner. Once it is set up it will show you basic information on a sidebar about the person. It will allow you to see a small image of them and some small personal details about where they live and work. It also gives you links to their various social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is a great tool to make it easier for you to expand your network.