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1. Be honest: That is self-explanatory when you making your resume be honest with the potential employer. Because you don’t want the potential to find out the something isn’t true and you will have to explain and that doesn’t look good for a first impression.
2. Follow the employers’ instructions when submitting your resume: That means submitting the resume as a specific file type, using a specific format when titling the file, including specific information in the subject line of the email, using a specific font type and size, or submitting the resume through the company website instead of email.
3. Don’t overshare: That means if you have a been working 13 years with multiple companies, performing the same duties and functions, there is no reason to include excessive details about each role. Just include the most recent position, and make reference to your years of experience in your particular industry.
4. Prioritize your resume: This means that you only you have some much room on this piece of paper to leave a lasting impression. You must put the experiences and skills that you want potential employers to see it in that space.
5. Customize your resume for the potential position: That means highlight education, job, and volunteer experiences that matches what each specific employer is looking for that certain position.
6. Use keywords that match the job description: In the event that you discover a job you like. You should use certain catchphrases while looking for employment and from that point, you ought to get better return results from the searches that best intrigues you, fuse those keywords into your resume also.
7. Start your resume with a branding statement: Try using something that makes you stand out from the rest or catches the eye of a recruiter to help you out with a potential employer with a great statement about yourself.