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ACiT prep

To prep for the ACiT certification test you will want to do your research on what is on the test. You can do so by looking up practice tests online and completing those and take notes to make sure you are understanding what is needed. Another way to practice is to do research on study guides for the course or if the school you are attending has a class take that.

                Next you will want to know the price of the test and see what kind of questions they have like multiple choice. You will have 2 hours to complete 70 questions you will need at least an 80% or 56/70. I’ll be using a Gantt chart to document my tasks and progress to each step first I will research and take some practice classes to learn more about the subject. Next I will be saving my money up to pay for the exam. So I’d have to budget my money to afford to pay for the test and make sure I pass it so I don’t waste my money

                When studying for the exam it is important to log my time to find some more time I logged my hours per day Monday-Friday. From Monday through Friday I start my day at 8am I wake up and get ready for work then I work from 9:30 am – 6 pm at 6:30pm I get home from work and then I eat. About twenty minutes later I do some homework till 9pm after that I play video games till 11pm and then I go to bed so I think I could cut some of my video game playing time down for the time being. I will also try to do my homework a lot quicker so I have more time to study.

                I will also need some sleep so I can work in the morning so I could stop studying and go to sleep at around 10:30 so I get a good night’s sleep. The best way to study for an exam for me is to make sure I take a few accurate practice tests just to see what kind of questions will be asked. After I get familiar with the questions I will study those questions for a while and search for more likely questions. After I study those questions I will start taking more practice test until I get a passing grade consistently just to make sure I pass the exam when I take it. There are also practice online courses I could sign up for so I will try my hardest on those courses and try and learn off of those and maybe even look up YouTube videos on how to study for the ACiT exam to get more information and help. I would also try to take this exam after I get out of school so I have more time on my hands so I don’t struggle balancing school, work, and studying for this exam.

I will also sacrifice more of my free time to make more time for the exam. I will take more time on the weekend to study I won’t go out so I will have more time to study and I will have saved more money because I’m not spending money since I won’t be going out. Saving money is the most important part for me because I don’t want to be struggling and then on top of that not being focused on the task at hand.

When taking the practice tests I will time me and try my best to see how fast and accurately as I possibly can to make sure that I can finish the time in the time given to take the test because you are timed and only have 2 hours to complete 70 questions. So it is important to make sure you can finish the test within at most 2 hours the goal is a little less so I’m not struggling and stressing about finishing the exam on time. I will do more research more information on what alternative is best for price and learning. Then I will study on the subject and then take the test and do my best to pass so I can get the certification.

By: Joshua Milosz